Consider this: Through October 2022, Americans have received 6.3 billion unwanted calls. With this constant barrage, it is unsurprising that 70% of Americans no longer answer calls to their wireless phone from unknown numbers, according to a recent TNS survey*. However, that survey also showed that 73% would be more willing to answer a call if the caller ID displayed the logo and name of a brand they recognize.

The notion of increasing customer call answer rates is critical for all businesses, particularly hospitality brands (restaurants, airlines, hotels, cruise lines and resorts, etc.) that rely on voice communications to reach their clients.

Branded calling can be a critical differentiator for hospitality brands at a time when staffing shortages, the pandemic and a return to peak holiday and seasonal travel have tested the patience of consumers like never before. Through June of this year, for example, airline cancellations surpassed the total for all of 2021 – sparking a relentless volume of customer support calls. Cruise line passengers inquiring about evolving COVID testing policies seek quick responses before their travel, while resorts and hotels struggle to reach robocall-weary consumers with package and upgrade offers.

With branded calling solutions, hospitality brands can improve customer engagement and satisfaction while also helping to drive additional revenue to the company’s bottom line through upgrades, packages and other amenities.

Enterprise Branded Calling Helps Improve Customer Engagement For Hospitality Brands

According to a recent survey from PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), 47% of Americans will travel during the 2022 holiday season. This busy season makes it difficult for hospitality businesses striving to deliver a superior customer experience. Trying to confirm upcoming reservations, trips and travel can be a nightmare for these brands’ call agents, given the depleted state of consumer trust in voice calling. Failure to break through the low call answer rates and reach customers may result in consumer cancellations and loss of revenue.

Our TNS survey shows that customers would be more willing to engage with hospitality brands if their calls are branded: 61% of consumers indicated they would answer a branded call from a hospitality/travel provider if the brand logo/name was displayed on the incoming call screen. Fifty-six percent of consumers also said they’d be more willing to share personal information if the incoming call is branded with a logo/name.

This data is extremely telling. For organizations trying to establish excellent customer experiences, consumer trust is invaluable. Without that trust, the outlook for businesses is bleak: Another 2022 PwC survey finds that 71% of consumers who do not trust a company are unlikely to buy from them.

Increasing call transparency by providing critical information via branded calling solutions is an innovative way to help facilitate increased engagement among the business’ customer base.

Branded Calling Helps Drives More Revenue and Superior Customer Experiences

Voice communications remain a critical component of a hospitality business’ buyer experience. The increased call transparency associated with Enterprise Branded Calling significantly helps call agents by improving their productivity and also buoys the lead-generation process.

Enterprise Branded Calling can help hospitality brands’ call agents convert more leads from web inquiries. Consumers are more likely to pick up a call from the hotel they were trying to make a reservation with an airline they were looking to purchase a flight from or a resort calling to confirm the trip of a lifetime. The increased information on the incoming call screen that branded calling solutions provide helps call agents reach potential customers in fewer tries and enable them to make more calls to consumers throughout the business day.

Any breakdown in reaching customers via voice disrupts the lead-generation process. While potential customers will often interact with hospitality businesses’ other channels to acquire initial information about trips or reservations, voice calls can help convert those warm leads into sales.

With improved call agent productivity and an enriched lead generation process, hospitality organizations provide a superior experience for their consumers, a key component to retaining their business in the future.

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Jim Tyrrell is Vice President of Enterprise Product Management at TNS with specific responsibility for TNS’ Communications Market solutions.


*Kantar Survey – November 2022