Protect Consumers and Modernize Voice

The reluctance of individuals to answer unknown calls due to concerns about scams and spoofing has created a significant hurdle for businesses seeking to engage with their customers effectively. With TNS’ enterprise product suite, businesses can ensure that only legitimate calls reach their customers, leading to higher answer rates, improved conversion rates, and valuable insights into call delivery metrics.

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Extensive Carrier Relationships

The Opportunity for Trust

Protect Consumers and Businesses

As robocalls, spamming and spoofing increase on mobile networks, consumer trust in voice calling is damaged.

TNS leverages its wealth of data collected from its carrier relationships to implement robocall protection for network subscribers. This helps both carriers protect their subscribers and enterprises protect their brands by restoring trust to voice.


Branded Calling Solution

Restore Trust in Voice with TNS Enterprise Branded Calling

Improve Answer and Conversion Rates

Turn the unknown for customers into the trusted and accepted with TNS Enterprise Branded Calling. Ensure every call from your business includes your brand name, logo, and reason for calling. Seventy-eight percent are more willing to answer a call if the caller ID displays the logo and name of a brand they recognize. Start off on the right foot and improve call answer rates with a tool that helps increase customer engagement and satisfaction.


TNS Enterprise Authentication and Spoof Protection

TNS helps solve the problems caused by call spoofing by leveraging industry standards and APIs to authenticate calls and ensure only legitimate verified calls are delivered with branding to consumers.

Find out how our Enterprise Authentication and Spoof Protection solutions can help you protect consumers, restore trust and modernize voice, by watching our technical overview video with Jim Tyrrell, Vice President of Enterprise Product Management at TNS.


Quantify the Value of Enriched Data

Receive Outbound Calling Metrics

Gain greater business insight into the number of calls delivered, answered, declined by user, missed, and called back to quantify the value that enriched data brings to the calling experience.


Protect your Brand Integrity

Protect Your Brand and Consumers

Only authenticated calls can have enhanced rich call data, meaning your brand won’t become a spam magnet for bad actors. Spoofed calls are flagged as potential spam.


Build your Business with Greater Trust

Improve the Customer Experience

TNS Enterprise Branded Calling can help to improve call answer rates, consumer engagement, make your agents’ time more efficient and increase conversion rates.


Expand Outbound Reach

Protect Your Communications

With a coverage network that spans North America’s major carriers, you know that your communications are protected. TNS’ strategic partnership with First Orion, Hiya and Neustar unifies enterprise call registration, vetting and authentication practices, building trust in voice calling that benefits your business.

Reputation Monitoring

Trust that Your Calls Are Reaching Your Audience

Avoid Critical Mis-Labeling

TNS Telephone Number Reputation Monitoring enables you to understand and improve your telephone number reputation score with a broader base of mobile subscribers and proscribed actions to take. Receive alerts when your numbers become classified as nuisance or fraudulent to help: 1) avoid mis-labeling; 2) prevent brand damage; and 3) improve call answer rates for legitimate enterprises that follow good calling practices


Access Enhanced Call Metrics

Critical Intelligence for Optimized Call Practices

Manage Risks of Mis-Labeling

TN Insights empowers enterprises with data derived from 1.5 billion daily call events to optimize calling practices, promote enhanced customer experience, manage the risk posed by poor telephone number reputations and take remedial action in the event of mis-labeling or spoofed calls. Access enhanced call metrics including called party feedback, contact rate and duration analysis, post-campaign review, and recent change monitoring 

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In-Depth Insight Across Carriers

More than 500 Operators

TNS leverages analysis of over one billion call events daily across more than 500 operators.


Receive Real-Time Scores to Protect Brand Identity

Detect Issues with Real-Time Alerts

Every second matters to your business, so real-time, accurate scoring is business critical. Detect problems as they occur with alerts and comprehensive reporting for your enterprise telephone number scoring.


Mitigate Risk and Increase Contact Rates

Improve Customer Answer Rates

Ensure your legitimate calls get through and aren’t inadvertently being blocked or tagged as spam.


Crowd-Sourced Feedback

Examine Reputation Influence

Request details on your specific telephone numbers and gain insight into the factors influencing their reputation.

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Where Greater Reach Means Better Business

Utilize TNS’ wealth of experience and subscriber data to enhance experiences and foster your business prospects.

Never answer a phone call from an unknown number.
Years of experience in call identification.
Calls analyzed daily with 1 billion subscriber numbers listed.

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