How Branded Caller ID Rings Up Retail Customers

TNS Enterprise Branded Calling can help improve call answer rates, conversion rates and call durations for retail companies and their contact centers. Retailers are using the technology to better engage with customers and prospects, from verifying order information to providing shipping updates and promoting upcoming sales. This can help to improve the efficiency of your sales agents and raise customer satisfaction, leading to better business companies for retail companies of all sizes.


How Is the Retail Industry Using Enterprise Branded Calling?

  • Order confirmation
  • Shipping updates
  • Inform customers about upcoming sales and events
  • Tech support
  • Customer service callbacks

The Benefits of TNS Enterprise Branded Calling with Caller ID Display

  • Verify calls and prevent spoofing
  • Restore trust in voice calling
  • Increase agent effectiveness and productivity
  • Raise customer engagement, satisfaction and close rates
  • Improve the vetting and registration process
  • Create a branded moment before and after a call
  • Control spam labeling and increase answer rates
  • Available without an app download, on 300m+ Android and iOS devices across the Verizon Wireless, AT&T and T-Mobile networks

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