TNS acquires AGNITY, a leading provider of intelligent communications and infrastructure. For more information click here. Read our Press Release here.

We Provide Global Managed Data Communications and Interoperability Solutions to the Payments, Financial and Communications industries

Thousands of companies from the retail, banking, financial markets and telecom industries count on us to build and manage their mission critical communications platforms, improving their ability to communicate and transact efficiently and effectively.


Transaction Network Services (TNS) provides global, dedicated real-time data communication networks enabling industry participants to simply and securely interact and transact with other businesses, while connecting to the data and applications they need. By combining innovation, advanced technology, experience and service excellence, we deliver managed data communications solutions to service providers and enterprises on a global scale.

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  • "Adding TNS to our roster of connectivity providers will increase our appeal. TNS’ reputable and established position as a specialist financial connectivity provider is aligned with our objective to ensure traders can securely, reliably and cost-effectively trade with us. TNS is a trusted multi-member service provider and firms that are resource or budget constrained will be able to work with TNS to simplify their connectivity and deploy their business more efficiently.

    Oliver Grohmann, Head of Market Readiness (for Trading, Clearing and Cash Market) at Deutsche Boerse, said:

  • "Exegy is excited to be working with TNS to create a global, state-of-the-art FX trading platform. TNS’ global presence, renowned reputation for superior customer service, coupled with Exegy’s FX market data and order execution solutions will deliver better performance, lower total cost, and a disruptive new model in the FX industry."

    Carlos Lopez Lansdowne, Exegy Sales Director in Europe and Asia, said:

  • "We are excited to be working with INET and TNS. This new agreement will allow us to provide our merchants with a more feature-rich service with higher levels of resiliency and security. The combination of TNS’ technology, experience and security features, and INET’s position as one of the leading secure managed payment service providers in Thailand, made this partnership stand out from our alternative options.

    "We are pleased to report that the migration over to the TNS infrastructure was completed within just five months so our merchants are already enjoying the enhanced benefits we can offer.

    A spokesperson for Thanachart Bank said:

  • "Sprint is proud to be partnering with TNS and Cequint to deliver best-in-class robocall identification to improve the experience of our customers. This technology provides a scientific and accurate way of offering a robocall protection solution that integrates seamlessly with our Premium Caller ID service."

    Mark Yarkosky, Director Product Management, Sprint

  • "We are delighted to be working with TNS to strengthen the New Zealand marketplace. We are dedicated to providing a high-quality range of payments access services to support our merchants across the country.
    IP Dial remains an important access option for our customers and TNS shares our ongoing commitment to this technology. Partnering with TNS allows us to enhance our existing dial-up offering while strategically expanding our portfolio and future-proofing our business with new wireless and IP offerings."

    Shane Ohlin, Chief Information Officer, Paymark

  • "We’re excited to have selected TNS as our vendor partner and look forward to growing our business with their support, Migrating our entire network to TNS has been a significant undertaking and a decision we did not take lightly. We are confident in their abilities and they have exceeded all our expectations. The transition has been seamless with minimal disruption to our subscribers."

    Tracey Schenk, Manager, Thumb Cellular

  • "We have worked with TNS for almost a decade and found their solutions to be high quality, feature-rich and reliable, and their people to be talented, dedicated and trustworthy. By continuing to use TNS we can offer our subscribers a superior service which includes seamless roaming that covers an extensive list of both domestic and international roaming partners."

    Mike Higgins Jr, General Manager, West Central Wireless

  • "We’re enjoying an exciting period of sustained growth and expansion and needed to work with an ATM communications specialist that recognizes the unique needs of our industry. We have chosen TNS because of its proven and reliable hardware, its reputation and the 24/7 support it offers. Many of our mobile terminals are deployed at weekends so as well as the ability to handle high traffic volumes we needed a network that came with round the clock support for peace of mind."

    Jenny Marsh, Director, ATM2GO

  • "I am delighted the CCA LTE Roaming Hub, powered by TNS, continues to grow and provide competitive carriers with a highly effective way of providing LTE-quality outbound roaming services to their subscribers. Just as important, members of the Hub can also receive inbound roaming revenues, giving them a strategic opportunity to effectively compete with the largest carriers."

    Steven K Berry, President & CEO, CCA

  • "We’re delighted that TNS has chosen to make its Managed Hosting Service available at the ALC. We’re confident that as a leading provider of services within the global financial markets TNS will be an asset to us as we look to develop and grow the number of participants and their service providers on our markets."

    David Raper, Executive General Manager, Trading Services, ASX

  • "Working with TNS and the CCA LTE Roaming Hub enables us to expand our footprint and reach an area which is popular with our subscribers as both a business and leisure destination. We estimate around ten percent of our subscribers need to be able to roam internationally so today’s announcement is hugely significant for our business and helps us to meet their needs better and compete more effectively with the national operators."

    James Groft, CEO, James Valley

  • "By joining the CCA Data Services Hub, we are able to significantly expand the reach and coverage of our own LTE footprint in a cost-effective and subscriber-centric way. This new model of interconnection will help to ensure that we can bring to market LTE services faster, better, and more cost-effectively than previous 3G solutions."

    Mike Laskowsky, United Wireless

  • "We are delighted to be using TNS. We chose TNS because of the extensive range of value added services which the TNS Data Services Hub offers, including TNS’ interstandard roaming solution which we believe is one of the best available in the market place today."

    Chip Damato, Director of Business Strategy, Inland Cellular

  • "The relationship with TNS represents an important step towards the adoption of IPX as the standard for next-generation IP-based services. Operators can easily access IP services via a single, private and secure IP interconnection, voice and data services in a ‘future-proof’ environment, helping them to expand their business globally with the introduction of new advanced services."

    Elisabetta Ripa, TIS Chief Executive Officer

  • "When Pioneer Cellular began looking at alternative solutions to address our needs we set a high bar to achieve in order for a transition to take place. TNS more than met those goals and we are excited to be working with them as we serve our customers today and in the future."

    Richard Ruhl, General Manager, Pioneer Cellular

  • "Our business relies on being able to deliver ATMs in convenient locations to customers, both in the UK and overseas. We also need the ability to remotely manage our ATM estate. We chose TNS because of their experience as a global provider of payment solutions and their ability to deliver a cross-border managed service that didn’t require costly and time consuming investment in a new payment network."

    Jenny Campbell, CEO of YourCash

  • "As a TNS customer we were already familiar with the company’s impressive transaction capabilities and great service, so when we learnt we would be able to use their new gateway to accept UnionPay transactions the decision to proceed came naturally. It was very easy to set up and is much simpler than managing our own connection."

    Damian Cecchi, General Manager, Travelex

  • "Working with TNS is part of our global expansion plan and will be key to enhancing acceptance of our cards in merchant locations around the world. As our customers seek to explore the world they live in they need a trusted form of payment which can travel with them and with TNS’ help their UnionPay card will be their perfect travel partner."

    James Yang, Chief Representative South Pacific, UnionPay International

  • "We are calling this our ‘ATM for All’ and promising simplicity and security for the convenience of customers. We selected TNS to support our ATM network because of its global expertise in wireless ATM connectivity, proven service level achievement, and the high standards of security it adheres to through its PCI DSS certification. TNS’ 24x7x365 support provides mission critical cover and the real-time status and visibility reporting through TNSOnline helps us ensure the efficient running of our network."

    Zulkanain Kassim, Group Managing Director, MEPS

  • "We are delighted to be using TNS and its resilient, managed payment network service to handle our Dial payments transactions in New Zealand. The switch has been exceptionally easy for us thanks to the talented team at TNS who has exceeded our expectations at every turn. The level of on-site support has been a huge benefit and ensured the move went as seamlessly as possible within the time frame we agreed."

    Peter Hansen, GM, EFTPOS New Zealand

  • "Our mission is to provide liquidity that’s sizable, shielded from predatory trading strategies, and seamlessly accessible on IEX and across other National Market System (NMS) venues. It’s a tall task, so having the right partners is important. We look forward to our future growth prospects with TNS: an industry leader with a wealth of established relationships."

    Ronan Ryan, Chief Strategy Officer, IEX