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Gain Control and Visibility with Roaming Service Tools

With TNS Roamer Control for roamer steering, Roamer Data Exchange and Roamer View and Interstandard Roaming you have more visibility into your network operations and can optimize service and revenue while reducing complexity. Build trust with your subscribers that they’ll always be connected, even when on the go.

Help Reduce Fees and Enhance Experience with State-of-the-Art Roamer Steering

With TNS Roamer Control, you are in the driver’s seat. Gain continuous control over which serving network roaming subscribers connect to as they navigate their daily life. At your discretion, trigger disconnects, transfer your subscriber to a new network or reconnect them to the home network, all in real-time.

Stay in Control with Roamer Data Exchange

With Roamer Data Exchange (RDE), negotiate more favorable inbound roaming agreements and offer outbound roamers a wider range of options with substantially less risk with near real-time visibility, fraud management, high performance and global coverage.

Help Boost Customer Loyalty and Maximize Revenue with Roamer View

Roamer View provides visibility and business intelligence across multi-technology roaming message traffic. Pre-call information is processed in near real-time, reformatted and presented in a user-friendly web interface for timely support and management of roaming subscribers.

Open New Subscriber Opportunities with Interstandard Roaming

TNS Interstandard Roaming (ISR) service provides seamless movement and interoperability between cellular standards ANSI-41 AMPS/CDMA to GSM MAP, allowing for roaming enablement with a unified billing solution.

Wireless Data Roaming Services for Complete Coverage

With TNS roaming exchange services (CDMA and GPRS), you can provide comprehensive data roaming services over a variety of networks to offer more complete coverage and restore subscriber trust while helping to maximize revenues and reduce investments.

TNS’ CDMA Roaming Exchange (CRX) service provides data roaming to subscribers over a variety of broadband wireless networks including CDMA 1x/EV-DO, Wi-Fi, and Wi-MAX. Peering with other CRX service providers ensures coverage and interoperability. One connection to our CDMA Roaming Exchange service provides access and interoperability with all your roaming service partners.

Reach all your GPRS roaming service partners and provide complete coverage to roaming subscribers. Conveniently connect to our global network, minimizing latency while enhancing reporting.

Data Clearing House for Growing Reach and Revenue

Expand your reach with roaming partner networks and simplify data clearing and settlement with TNS’ flexible solutions for exchanging billing data for voice roaming traffic. Track and analyze your financial position via our web-based interface in near real-time to make critical decisions faster.

Our roaming and clearing solutions ensure efficient and accurate processing of GSM Transferred Account Procedure (TAP) and Returned Account Procedure (RAP) files using a secure, high-performance and customizable Data Clearing House platform. Our near real-time reporting portal is intuitive and content-rich for total transparency into clearing processes.

TNS’ CDMA data clearing house offers a flexible platform to validate, exchange and process Cellular Intercarrier Billing Exchange Roamer (CIBER) records accurately and efficiently in compliance with industry standards. Our comprehensive web-based reporting delivers an unmatched level of detail and flexibility to help you manage your roaming services.

Help Improve Profitability and Visibility with TNS Financial Clearing House Platform

The platform you choose for mobile financial clearing makes a huge difference in your efficiency and profitability. TNS’ Financial Clearing House (FCH) platform can drastically improve debt collection rates and clearing accuracy, fostering timely revenue collection and allocation.

One of the most advanced debt monitoring and recovery services in the market, our FCH platform chases debt more effectively, helping improve profitability. This state-of-the-art platform promotes visibility with comprehensive, flexible, adaptable and fully transparent reporting in a web-based system; it simplifies roaming business operations with quick deployment of customized validation or reporting functionality and streamlines roaming revenue assurance activities with error correction and conversion.

Our Financial Clearing House platform helps you build and protect your roaming business with timely and accurate business intelligence, allowing you to track financial positions with roaming partners, perform roaming market analysis, and forecast roaming revenue and expenses. The platform performs industry-compliant validation and processing of call detail records and Cellular Intercarrier Billing Exchange Roamer (CIBER) data and ensures secure and accurate settlement.

IoT Discount Management

TNS enables you to streamline and more efficiently manage the entire lifecycle of roaming agreements, including discounts on standard Inter-Operator Tariff (IoT) rates.

  • Agreement Management Module: Our comprehensive Agreement Management Module enables IoT negotiators to track IoT discount agreements from early stages of negotiation through agreement maturity, settlement and renewal.
  • Calculation Engine: Use our calculation engine to remove heavy lifting from finance and settlement teams by automating forecasts, accruals and financial settlement positions.

Simplify management, keep your teams informed and get a comprehensive audit trail so you can manage your IoTs effectively and reduce costs.

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