Application Management

Real-Time Monitoring of Market Data Distribution Platforms

Reach Optimum Performance

Enhance your existing operational model or outsource it in its entirety to TNS. We offer a 24×7 service for market data distribution platform support, in-house or third-party application support, commercial management and engineering services with a full suite of monitoring tools, automation, reporting and service metrics. Our model looks for opportunities to optimize market data spend, consolidate where possible and provides the most expedient way of identifying street outages, exchange outages and vendor or internal client outages.


Market Data Intelligence Insights

Eliminate Manual Effort in Servicing Data Notifications

Designed to Prevent Costly Service Disruptions

Daily changes to the millions of data points that impact your business can have mission critical consequences. TNS can keep you ahead of the market and informed with Data Notification Manager (DNM), bringing together DNs from leading market data providers and direct exchange services. Designed to prevent and eliminate revenue impacting service disruptions and license fee increases, DNM provides a granular view of the impact that vendor services changes have so you know exactly what actions need to be taken.

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Enterprise Professional Services

Integrate New Solutions and Solve Industry Problems

Support Growth and Reduce Spend

Market data is typically the second highest spend for any financial institution. Our professional services are assisting clients in growing their business through innovations, audit defense and maintenance, cost analysis and review, and setting next generation market data vision roadmaps. We are industry experts in exchange activities, reporting, technology, administration, and end-to-end management of the entire market data enterprise.

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Web Access Control Manager

A Single Application to Securely Control and Manage Access

Uphold Security and License Compliance

You may be relying on vendors to track and report portal and/or website usage, but typically these reports are not designed to control or reduce costs. That’s where TNS comes in. Through our Web Access Control Manager (WACM) application, we can provide a complete audit trail of all login and usage details to web delivered services, single bank portals and internal applications, supporting you to create more accurate billing, ensuring compliance with license limitations and reducing costs from non-usage.

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Discover how our managed application and support services including Data Notification Manager, managed DACS/EMRS, and Web Access Control Manager can help your business reduce cost and complexity across the entire market data ecosystem.

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