Fuel and Convenience Payments - The Shift to Consumer Needs

Technology has advanced, consumer expectations have evolved and fuel and convenience retailers now face a shifting focus from servicing vehicle to consumer needs. It’s a complex challenge; the modern consumer expects greater payment choice, a wider product offering and value-added services as standard.

TNS is a leading global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) company, enabling different players in the fuel and convenience sector to navigate through a complex landscape. TNS helps accept, connect and orchestrate your transactions, leaving you to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiencing and grow your business.

Less Fuel, More Convenience

Fuel and Convenience retailers need to diversify and innovated to meet consumer needs.

Research suggests that the same number of shoppers are purchasing fuel, but the reason for visiting a forecourt has changed. The main driver, according to Lumina Intelligence’s UK Forecourt Report 2021, is now to purchase food to go.

In this new consumer goods driven marketplace meeting consumer expectations is paramount and can help retailers boost revenue, foster loyalty and improve customer retention.

Accept, Connect, Orchestrate – A Solution for the Modern Retailer  

TNS can help you embrace this shift through its solution stack. Whether you’re a local, regional, national or multi-national fuel and convenience retailer, TNS will collaborate with you to design, configure, install and manage a solution that meets the needs of your business, and the customers of your business.

Accept - Any Transaction Type, In-Store, at the Pump or Online

Whether online, at the pump, in-store or at a retail kiosk, our consumer touchpoints enable your customers to choose their preferred way to transact with your business – through any sales channel, on any device – utilizing localized payment preferences and empowering business decisions through data insights to increase conversions, and improve loyalty and pricing.

Our payment acceptance solutions allow fuel and convenience retailers to accept all the major payment methods including VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more.

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Connect - Any Device, Any Location, Any Network

Our managed end-to-end connectivity and network security solutions provide a highly reliable, scalable, secure, and vendor-agnostic platform to help boost your customers’ journeys and experiences. TNS managed service empowers connectivity services at the device and edge, delivers a globally integrated platform that secures your transactions across public and private networks, enabling your business to succeed.

TNS is a Verifone and Gilbarco certified Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP). TNS’ managed connectivity solutions allow fuel and convenience retailers to connect their transactions through its Level 1 PCI DSS certified network to over 250 cloud and host connections globally, while prioritizing their mission-critical applications and optimizing site systems to suit the needs of the business and their customers.

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Orchestrate – End-to-End Payment Journeys

At the center of our services, TNS accepts, connects and securely processes over 33 billion transactions across the globe, across different payment methods, channels and buyer journeys.

TNS can help fuel and convenience retailers manage and simplify their unique payment requirements from facilitating more payment methods to processing transactions through managed hosting and shared processing platforms, driving, switching and processing payment transactions independently, securely and in real time.

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TNS Trusted by...

The TNS Ecosystem

TNS works with many industry-leading brands to help fuel and convenience businesses. TNS is a certified Managed Network Service Provider with Verifone, Gilbarco Veeder-Root and Invenco. TNS has been consistently PCI DSS compliant since 2007 and has hardware Partnerships with brands including Ingenico and Fortinet to ensure delivery of best in-class POS, network and security solutions.