TNS has enhanced its P2PE Solution, and global security footprint, with a new on-site Key Injection Facility (KIF) based in Reston (VA), USA. The new KIF – which was validated in May 2022 and is incorporated as a component in the P2PE Solution – will offer merchants enhanced security along with a seamless and efficient deployment of Point of Sale (POS) terminals globally.

The addition of this new KIF, which is a highly secure and controlled environment where payment terminals are loaded with encryption keys, builds on TNS’ global POS terminal provisioning abilities and is the organization’s second such facility. TNS’ first KIF, in Adelaide, Australia, was validated in December 2020 and was one of the first facilities of its kind in the Asia Pacific region.

“We are delighted to add an additional KIF to our global P2PE validated solution. Security is a critically important part of the payments life cycle and is embedded at the core of our full suite of solutions,” said Shaun Donaghey, TNS’ Managing Director, Payments Market – US.  “As a geographically diverse business, we manage payments infrastructure across five continents, and this new facility adds significant value to our global security capabilities.”

The KIF and the P2PE solution are part of the suite of secure solutions available from TNS. TNS can securely encrypt transaction data while it is in flight between the POS terminal at a merchant and the payment gateway. Similarly, TNS’ Tokenization solution can securely store transaction data and pass an anonymous token back to the merchant as reference for the purposes of business intelligence and data analysis, among other uses.

“The ability to tokenize data and send it back to the merchant for analysis, can provide insights that help them make data-based decisions to aid their business objectives,” said Selin Simsek, Vice President of Innovation and Solutions at TNS. “For merchants, a key benefit of a P2PE validated solution and tokenization is the greater protection of transaction data. This is crucial as the correct solution can potentially reduce the scope of their PCI obligation.”

TNS’ solutions are scalable, agnostic, and actively monitored from four global Network Operation Centers in the US, UK, Australia, and Malaysia. Every year TNS accepts, connects, and securely processes billions of transactions through its secure infrastructure-as-a-service solutions, allowing merchants to focus on their business and customers.