The City of Adelaide has today implemented an innovative new online platform, named ‘UPark Plus’ to assist in safer, touch-free parking at a significantly discounted price across all nine UPark locations.

UPark Plus has been developed in partnership with Adelaide-based organisations ADVAM and DESIGNA Australia and gives $8 capped, touch-free daily parking when customers sign up online and use the new card.

The new touch-free parking solution, follows the City of Adelaide’s comprehensive $4 million City Support Package currently being delivered to support the Adelaide community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor comments on how Council wanted to support businesses and workers who are providing essential services, as well as visitors coming into the city for important goods and services.

“This fantastic online platform will provide a cheap, convenient & contactless parking experience for people coming into the Adelaide CBD.  The reduced rate of $8 for all day parking will be of great benefit to many city workers, students and visitors but I am particularly keen to see emergency and health services workers and shift workers benefit”. Lord Mayor, Sandy Verschoor

City of Adelaide approached DESIGNA Australia and ADVAM about this initiative, with a need to help businesses, workers, students and visitors during this time. The project was initiated and through close collaboration has been implemented within short time frames.

Lord Mayor, Sandy Verschoor continues “I am proud of how quickly our team has worked with local businesses ADVAM and DESIGNA Australia to provide such a cheap, convenient and contactless parking experience for our community.”

This initiative is one of many that organisations across Australia, and the globe, are looking at in order to make life easier for the community and to reduce risk, by removing touch as much as possible. ADVAM is working with a number of its clients to provide touch-free solutions.

John Tait, General Manager for ADVAM comments, “I am thrilled that ADVAM was able to help City of Adelaide with this initiative and work closely with the Council and DESIGNA Australia to develop the solution so quickly. We are of course working with all of our clients across the globe to discover how we can assist to minimise touch in their business, however what City of Adelaide has managed to achieve so quickly is outstanding”.

Concurring with this, Sheldon James, Managing Director at DESIGNA stated “This City of Adelaide move, shows great enterprise and community commitment which should be applauded. We are only too pleased to be assisting where we can and strengthening our partnerships with both the Council and ADVAM. It is essential that we help where possible to provide a risk reduced solution for getting the workforce to where they need to be”