Transaction Network Services (TNS) has enhanced its European backbone, delivering increased capacity, to support ever-increasing market data volumes from multiple exchanges to any location across Europe.

The network has also been reengineered to help ensure maximum uptime, resiliency and data delivery and to provide the lowest commercially available latency between key European financial centers, including London, Frankfurt and Bergamo.

“We are confident that TNS’ upgraded network can deliver data between Equities data centers as fast as possible within Europe, with capacity to ensure customers do not experience packet loss or service outages due to increasing market data feed volumes,” said Jeff Mezger, TNS’ Vice President of Product Development for Financial Markets.

“As we continue to bring on new exchanges, and experience constantly growing market data traffic, we enhanced our European backbone to ensure we have future-proofed capacity to allow data from any exchange to be delivered to any location in Europe without incident. This includes providing market data intra-Europe as well as moving market data from the US and Asia to Europe. We now utilize 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps circuits as they offer lower latency network links, compared to the 10 Gbps routes offered by some.”

TNS has upgraded both its primary and secondary network paths, maintaining full end-to-end diversity of its A and B market data feeds. Its fully diverse circuits guarantee that TNS provides resilient paths between each financial center.

“We also revisited the European network routes and providers to ensure that we had the lowest commercially available latency between each financial center and took the opportunity to make sure we were deploying the latest generation switching hardware at each location,” adds Mezger.

Over the past five years, TNS has built an ultra low latency trading network throughout Europe, perfectly matched to the needs of buy-side and sell-side firms, prop shops and vendors. Accessing exchanges through TNS is much more cost-effective than customers procuring their own exchange connections, as TNS has points-of-presence (PoPs) in 60 global exchanges and local personnel with existing exchange relationships. The network has grown to include locations such as Equinix LD4, Interxion LON1, London Stock Exchange, ICE Basildon, Equinix FR2, Bergamo Italy, Madrid and Stockholm.  In addition, TNS connects to Wiener Borse, SIX Swiss, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Borsa Istanbul via its remote PoPs in Europe.

TNS brings together over 5,000 financial community endpoints, supported by a global, 125-strong PoP footprint. Specifically designed and engineered to address the needs of financial market participants worldwide, TNS offers a range of connectivity, colocation services, cloud, market data and VPN solutions within its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) portfolio. Its solutions are monitored 24x7x365 by TNS’ Network Operations Centers across the globe.