TNS Enterprise Branded Calling

Robocalls flood consumer phones. Consumers don’t trust unknown callers. How do you break through the clutter and ensure your calls are answered?

TNS Enterprise Branded Calling allows you to display your brand name, logo and reason for calling* on mobile devices, transforming an unknown call into a trusted and eagerly accepted one. With a robust Caller ID Display, enterprises can verify phone numbers and control that their telephone numbers aren’t being flagged as spam. As a result, answer rates soar, consumer engagement climbs, and agent time spent on engagement with customers results in better conversion rates.

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The Benefits of TNS Enterprise Branded Calling with Caller ID Display:

  • Verifies calls and prevents spoofing with TNS’ analytics and call authentication technology
  • Restores trust in voice calling
  • Increases agent effectiveness, driving productivity and reducing time wasted on unanswered outbound calls
  • Raises customer engagement, satisfaction and close rates
  • Proven vetting and registration process for trusted businesses
  • Delivers brand information on every call to iOS and Android devices for over 80M subscribers on the Verizon Wireless network
  • Creates a branded moment before and after a call
  • Controls spam labeling and increases answer rates for legitimate callers that follow best practices

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A Great Fit for Any Business

A Branded Caller ID is beneficial to any business but especially the following industries, which are particularly reliant on robocalls to reach customers and often suffer from low answer rates.

The Best Business Caller ID Experience

Branded calling has taken a giant leap forward, thanks to TNS. At TNS, we have 10 years of experience in call identification, with over 1 billion branded calls from 82 million subscribers, along with extensive carrier relationships. With TNS Enterprise Branded Calling, you can help improve the productivity and efficiency of your agents, restore trust, raise customer satisfaction which could help to improve your bottom line.

*Name identification is currently available. Logo and reason for call functionality expected in late 2022. Call Guardian is a registered trademark of Transaction Network Services.

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