TLS / SIG Gateway

TNS Secure Internet Gateway – A secure, cost-effective solution for IP transactions.

TNS’ Secure Internet Gateway is a PCI DSS compliant payment delivery solution for IP-based transactions. It is a payment transaction only TLS gateway offering ultra-high availability, redundant access points, 24x7x365 support and a seamless migration path for acquirers and ISOs to providing IP transactions are securely and reliably delivered to their processing hosts.

Unlike other solutions, TNS’ Secure Internet Gateway was uniquely designed for secure delivery of POS and ATM payment transactions, not general Internet traffic.

Key Benefits

Highly available internet gateway to meet your merchant’s needs

Multiple, diverse gateways with high capacity interconnectivity provide redundant availability and dynamic alternate routing capabilities. We provide a 24x7x365 service that is available to your business even in the face of Internet service degradation and malicious hacking/service disruption attempts.

Protocol and message conversion

Provides optional protocol conversion; eliminating the need to make changes to your processing host.

Host isolation

Our managed service and secure network physically isolate your host from DDoS attacks, attempted hacking, malicious connectivity and fraudulent terminal activity.


Our highly scalable architecture allows you to keep pace with changing transaction volumes as your business grows.

Optional services

Customized capabilities such as DDoS Protection, Terminal White/Black listing, Pre-shared Key Authentication and X.509 Client Authentication can be delivered based on your requirements.

PCI compliance

The TNS Secure Internet Gateway is configured to meet global standards. Our purpose-built gateway and payment industry expertise provide the capability for higher levels of security specific to IP-based payments.


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