When Cyclone Gabrielle hit New Zealand (NZ) causing more than $8 billion worth of damage, it left devastating flooding and cut off areas in the North Island including Hawkes Bay, Gisborne, and Coromandel. With widespread damage to infrastructure, and eliciting a state of national emergency for only the third time in NZ history, Z Energy (Z) called on TNS to help with an emergency response. 

Learn how TNS and Z worked together to bring service stations, truck stops, and air stops with TNS Secure SD-WAN services back online using Starlink satellite terminals to enable Internet access and help enable:  

  • The activation of emergency services in the affected areas, helping residents and providing critical care and support to those affected by the damage. 
  • The provision of new fuel supplies with the knowledge of what was required on site as roads began to reopen. 
  • Caltex truck stops to open and supply fuel to trucks aiding the response.
  • Z retail outlets to open and trade via card payments rather than using just cash – important when the traditional communications channels were affected by the blackouts meaning many ATMs were also down. 

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