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Branding and Call Authentication

Assurance IQ

Conversion Rate Uplift

Assurance IQ reaches out to customers who have visited its website, provided consent to be contacted and expressed interest in its products, and after deploying TNS Enterprise Branded Calling reported a 25% increase in the likelihood that a customer who received a call will continue to explore financial solutions with the company or one of its partners.

Branding and Call Authentication

Financial Services

Staggering Results

A trial of TNS Enterprise Branded Calling conducted for a corporate advisory firm that works with clients to weather the shifts in financial markets has provided compelling evidence of the benefits the solution offers, when increasing one of its clients answer rates by over 130%. Find out more about the benefits in the use case.

Branding and Call Authentication

Healthcare Organization

Patient Engagement Boost

Find out why a nationwide healthcare provider has converted to a live service of TNS Enterprise Branded Calling following a pilot which resulted in a 41% increase in answer rate. This organization uses voice calls to better understand patients’ care needs to mitigate the risk of unnecessary hospital admissions.

Robocall Protection

Inland Cellular

Robust User Experience

Inland Cellular wanted to become one of the first regional carriers to integrate robocall detection into its service offering for wireless subscribers. Learn about how the US-based mobile network operator deployed TNS Call Guardian® to provide consumers with the information they need to combat robocalls.


James Valley Wireless

Delivering for Subscribers Needs

Working with TNS and the CCA LTE Roaming Hub has enabled James Valley Wireless to expand its footprint to cover a leading operator’s Caribbean estate which includes 15 countries across the region, reaching an area which is popular with subscribers as both a business and leisure destination.



The Future of 5G

TNS and Cellusys are collaborating in research, development and testing of roaming and security solutions for 5G networks. This combines our expertise in steering of roaming and other services for regional and national US carriers with security solutions from the Cellusys portfolio. Learn more in the press release.

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Branding and Call Authentication

Mortgage Lender

Significant Sales Impact

With TNS Enterprise Branded Calling, this retail mortgage lender increased answer rates and month-by-month revenues. Two out of three calls were answered when a logo and brand name were added. Enhanced levels of trust and a willingness to convert can be seen in the number of calls that were transferred for a quote consultation.

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Branding and Call Authentication

Marketing Firm

Customer Engagement

This marketing company experienced a challenge many share: getting through to consumers and keeping them engaged. After identifying TNS Enterprise Branded Calling as a viable solution to alleviate trust concerns it found that answer rates improved, but more impressively their calls’ average and median length improved significantly.

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