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  1. What was the business challenge for Assurance IQ?

Assurance IQ reaches out to customers who have visited its website. However, even though a customer had provided consent to be contacted and had expressed interest in its offerings, many of its outgoing calls went unanswered. A potential reason being that customers who didn’t recognize the incoming calls assumed they were spam.

  1. How did TNS Enterprise Branded Calling help provide the solution?

Part of TNS’ broader Robocall Detection and Protection Suite of products, TNS Enterprise Branded Calling displays a company’s brand information on an incoming call screen. This helps to improve call answer rates and call agent productivity, as well as restore consumer trust in voice calling. 

  1. What was the outcome following Enterprise Branded Calling deployment?

Enterprise Branded Calling was implemented within two days and Assurance IQ saw a 25% increase in the likelihood that a customer who received a call will continue to explore financial solutions with Assurance IQ or one of its partners. The efficiency and productivity of its call center representatives soared.


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