Market leader in call analytics and robocall mitigation strengthens trust in voice calling with Enterprise Branded Calling 

Transaction Network Services (TNS) today announced it has eclipsed one billion branded calls delivered across US wireless carrier networks. The milestone reflects TNS’ unmatched success supporting carriers’ robocall mitigation efforts, which is driving demand for TNS Enterprise Branded Calling (EBC), the next evolution in restoring trust in voice calling by enriching consumer engagement making the voice channel an integral part of any omni-channel Customer Experience (CX) program.

Americans received 78.9 billion robocalls in 2021, down from the prior year but still a staggering volume that is eroding the ability of call originators to reach and engage with consumers and customers. The revenue and brand risk of low call answer rates is particularly acute in verticals such as financial services, healthcare, hospitality and public safety, where trust is so vital to the call originator-call recipient relationship.

TNS Enterprise Branded Calling addresses this industry challenge by leveraging the mobile network to provide valuable, trusted content (caller name, logo and intent of call) on an incoming call screen that improves the call and user experience through better interaction and engagement. While only 11% of consumers will answer calls from an unknown number, that number rises significantly when rich content such as caller name and logo are added.

Enterprise Branded Calling draws on TNS’ unique position within the voice service provider ecosystem, delivering capabilities to carriers, call originators and subscribers beyond what competitors can offer.

  • Broadest reach across carriers and devices. EBC has the largest reach of any branded calling solution on the market, with 100+ million active monthly users and 50+ million active monthly app users.
  • Supports verticalized market use cases. EBC meets the unique needs of market segments that require high-trust communications. For example, TNS Public Safety Branded Calling, which has delivered more than 300 million branded calls to date, allows health organizations to register their validated telephone numbers with the service so they can more effectively reach Americans’ mobile phones with important health information.
  • Verification for branded calls. Call authentication is a critical prerequisite to delivering rich branded call display, thereby restoring trust to legitimate call origination. EBC is able to deliver rich call content leveraging the analytics call authentication technology essential to verifying calls and preventing spoofing events.
  • Scale built into the platform. EBC leverages the same analytics technology infrastructure which analyzes over two billion calls per day and, with easy integration to APIs, makes it a breeze to onboard enterprises and call originators.

“The business case for branded calling is undeniable; 77% of consumers want their carrier to provide more caller information such as a brand logo or name to avoid missing legitimate calls,” said Bill Versen, President, Communications Market, TNS. “Tier-1 carriers and call originators that have leveraged Enterprise Branded Calling over the past several months are experiencing dramatically improved call answer rates and subscriber engagement – which is why we are thrilled the solution is commercially available to any brand looking to build trust in voice calling.”

Enterprise Branded Calling is a core component of TNS’ Identity Analytics Suite, and is available direct or through TNS’ network of carrier and channel partners. For more information on EBC, visit Enterprise Branded Calling.