Enterprise Branded Calling

Enterprise Branded Calling is an industry-leading solution that is integrated into major wireless networks, with enriched call content resulting in increased contact rates with the enterprise’s end consumer base. Enterprise Branded Calling has the largest reach with 100+ million active users across 500+ devices as a partner to Tier-1 US mobile operators.

Key Features

Delivery of name information

Name information is delivered on call without the need for an app to over 80 million Verizon Wireless and MVNO customers. 

Business insights

Aggregated call event and other data from various shared services to be used for KPI analysis by enterprises.

Enterprise vetting

Analysis of registered numbers follows best practices in industry and redresses reputation issues.

Call verification

Real-time provisioning API for verification of calls made by enterprise.

Policy administration

Defines enterprise vetting requirements, manages call origination policies in conjunction with authorized use of a telephone number, and business rules related to call verification access privileges.

Provisioning APIs

Manages the content and delivery rules associated with a telephone number and support for other real-time integrations supporting publishing of content.

Registration APIs

Allows registration of telephone numbers and manages the authorization.

Key Benefits

Subscriber reach

Enriched content is delivered to more handsets increasing the ability to reach subscribers with desired content.

Brand protection

Enriched content is delivered on calls that are trusted and have been verified. Only authenticated calls have enhanced rich call data; brand does not become a spam magnet for bad actors. Spoofed calls get flagged as potential spam.

Increase Answer Rates

Increases answer rates by delivering enriched content to mobile subscribers.

Personalized experience

Delivers a personalized experience with enriched content to mobile subscribers.

Value of enriched content

Quantifies value that enriched data brings to the calling experience.

Onboarding of Enterprise

Ensures a smooth onboarding process for potential customers. Proven set of business processes utilizing industry best practices.

Individualized policy management

Management of telephone numbers can be individualized for each enterprise and can differ based on intent of call within enterprise.

Configurable workflows

Drives efficiency with configurable workflows.

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