TNSPay Access

TNSPay Access simplifies the management of large POS terminal estates by providing secure access management and activity reporting for IP and wireless POS terminals. For a secure, reliable, and cost-effective access management solution, choose TNSPay Access.

Key Benefits

Mutual authentication

TNSPay Access provides mutual authentication enrollment and revocation maintenance for transactions.

Access control

Provides access control using whitelisting for legacy devices that only support server authentication allowing you tighter access control of your entire IP and wireless terminal estate.

Activity reporting

Provides near real-time reporting of enrollment and transaction activity providing greater visibility and tracking of transaction traffic.

Reduce costs

Flexible subscription plans and lower costs vs. competitive solutions reduce your overall cost of authentication management.

PCI compliance

TNS is a Level 1 PCI certified service provider and its secure network is supported 24x7x365 by TNS’ Network Operating Centers around the world.

TNSPay Access Information Sheet

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