TNS and Fortinet. An Unbeatable Combination for Bringing SD-WAN to Secure Payment Services

TNS Secure SD-WAN delivers PCI DSS compliant payment capability

TNS, in partnership with Fortinet, now offers a PCI compliant, highly secure SD-WAN solution for merchants, banks and acquirers who have payments as a mission-critical function.

As companies move towards a digital transformation, SD-WAN is the preferred network solution especially when a PCI DSS compliant payment capability is a strategic requirement.

TNS Secure SD-WAN solves some of the most critical issues for merchants, leveraging its 30-year legacy in providing reliable and resilient payment connectivity to customers around the world.


Reliability and Flexibility

For SD-WAN, TNS supports LTE backwards compatible connectivity that’s remotely adjustable. Its secure SD-WAN routers are “zero-touch” and its SIM cards can be remotely activated or deactivated to eliminate the prospect of dormant SIMs.

TNS delivers resiliency by diversifying risk by contracting with multiple carriers. It maintains geographic redundancy through its global network operating centers (NOCs). This also ensures high server availability.


Reduce OpEx

By leveraging internet connectivity and replacing MPLS, TNS Secure SD-WAN reduces OpEx by up to 40%.

Additional savings are realized as excess data is contained, and economies of scale are applied to router distribution, compliance and security costs.


Unsurpassed Uptime

TNS Secure SD-WAN will have persistent monitoring from its three Network Operating Centers (NOCs) located in the US, UK and Australia. This is how TNS delivers an unsurpassed connectivity uptime standard.

In payments as in network connectivity, ensuring network resilience and reliability is a strategic imperative.


Exceptional In-Store Experience

TNS supports in-store cloud applications which can provide customers with secure wi-fi and LAN switching.

The flexibility of SD-WAN means that you can add services or capabilities as your business requires.

TNS and Fortinet Bring Mission Critical Payment Capability to SD-WAN

It’s a natural combination. The best payments solutions provider partners with the best SD-WAN hardware manufacturer.

Fortinet has been cited by Gartner as the highest rated Challenger in its ability to execute and completeness of vision in SD-WAN.

TNS has provided secure payment solutions to companies large and small. Its managed service for end-to-end payment solutions transports more than a billion payments a day.

The Benefits of TNS Secure SD-WAN

Reducing Legacy Costs

  • A managed service provider reduces the cost of security, compliance and vendor management
  • Reduce WAN OpEx by leveraging internet connectivity instead of MPLS (~40% cost reduction)
  • Using multiple carriers reduces risk of carrier outages
  • Cost reduction through less excess data, router distribution, admin, compliance and security
  • Removes cost of router configuration, testing and repairs
  • Reduce PCI scope
  • Lower operating cost

Secure Cloud Access

  • Secure internet connectivity mitigating hacking and ransomware attacks
  • Highly available and highly secure two-way cloud connectivity
  • Secure internet connectivity
  • IPSEC tunneling
  • Anti-virus protection with anti-malware and spyware
  • URL filtering and SSL packet inspection
  • Dynamic policy management
  • Regular firmware updates

Resiliency, Reliability and Flexibility

  • PCI DSS compliant
  • Persistent monitoring
  • Multiple carriers on one TNS contract mitigates outage risk
  • Support LTE – backwards compatible and remotely adjustable
  • Access pooled data plans
  • Geographic redundancy
  • High availability servers

High-Touch Customer Service

  • Expand in-store services like customer Wi-Fi
  • Manage and prioritize data routing
  • Easily increase capacity with internet connectivity
  • TNS Secure SD-WAN routers are ‘zero-touch’
  • Widen payment acceptance
  • Supports modern cloud apps in-store
  • Manage and monitor multiple devices in-store more efficiently by optimizing data traffic
  • Upgrade or downgrade data plans without additional fees
  • Prompt customer troubleshooting

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