TNS and Fortinet. An Unbeatable Combination for Optimizing Your Mission-Critical Applications 

With the accelerated rate of digital transformation and the rise of new cloud apps and in-store services, businesses are faced with new security threats and evolving customer expectations. With the developing technology landscape, networks are expected to manage mission-critical applications securely and reliably alongside these new expectations. 


TNS Secure SD-WAN Powered by Fortinet: The Ultimate Managed Network Service

SD-WAN can help meet the evolving needs of businesses by offering flexibility and scalability through its highly configurable functionalities. It can also reduce the amount of heavy lifting from IT teams involved in deploying and maintaining a network through centralized control and automated management functions. 

When it comes to its implementation, you face a choice— a managed network service or do it yourself.  

When you choose TNS Secure SD-WAN all implementation and management is taken care of by our team of experts, which can improve service delivery and quality of services, while taking the onus of network management off an internal IT team completely. This can in turn free up the IT team’s time, allowing them to focus on functions more relevant to the core business of your business.  

Why Choose TNS Secure SD-WAN: TNS as Your MNSP

When deploying SD-WAN as a managed network solution, choosing the right Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP) is crucial; the right partner can help reduce the burden on your network, your team and your time while increasing your network reliability, resilience, and security.  

As a world-leading Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) organization, TNS delivers global connectivity solutions as a managed service for businesses around the world.  

When you choose TNS as your MNSP you benefit from:  

  • A Telco Carrier Agnostic Service— Combine multiple carriers onto one TNS contract to help reduce your outage risk. 
  • Global Presence— With 97 points of presence globally, and Operations Centers on 3 continents, you benefit from high network uptimes with geographic redundancy. 
  • PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider— TNS’s experience in deploying PCI-DSS compliant solutions is ingrained in our approach, which can help reduce your PCI burden. 
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership – You can achieve significant savings against your legacy hub and spoke systems through reduced data usage, support and security costs. 
  • Enhanced Value-Add Services— With security as a cornerstone of our service you can safely expand value added services such as secure guest wi-fi, and in-store cloud apps while optimizing and prioritizing mission-critical applications.  

To learn more about the benefits of working with TNS as your MNSP:  


The Benefits of TNS Secure SD-WAN 

Reducing Legacy Costs

  • A MNSP can reduce the cost of security, compliance, and vendor management  
  • Reduce WAN OpEx by leveraging internet connectivity instead of MPLS (~40% savings)  
  • Using multiple carriers can reduce the risk of carrier outages  
  • Remove cost of router configuration, testing and repairs  
  • Can help reduce PCI scope  
  • Can lower operating cost 

Secure Cloud Access

  • Secure internet connectivity can mitigate hacking and ransomware attacks  
  • Anti-virus protection with anti-malware and spyware  
  • Highly available and highly secure two-way cloud connectivity  
  • IPSEC tunneling  
  • URL filtering and SSL packet inspection  
  • Dynamic policy management  
  • Regular firmware updates 

Resiliency, Reliability and Flexibility

  • Greater network agility  
  • Prioritize and optimize traffic  
  • Persistent monitoring  
  • Multiple carriers can mitigate outage risk  
  • Supports LTE – backwards compatible and remotely adjustable  
  • Access pooled data plans  
  • Geographic redundancy  
  • High availability servers  
  • PCI DSS compliant 

High-Touch Customer Service

  • Expand in-store services like customer Wi-Fi  
  • Manage and prioritize data routing  
  • Easily increase capacity with internet connectivity  
  • TNS Secure SD-WAN routers are ‘zero-touch’  
  • Widen payment acceptance  
  • Supports modern cloud apps in-store  
  • Manage and monitor multiple devices in-store and optimize data traffic  
  • Upgrade or downgrade data plans without additional fees  
  • Prompt customer troubleshooting 

About TNS and Fortinet

It’s a natural combination. A world-renowned IaaS organization that enables payment strategies across the globe through its consumer touchpoints, global connectivity and transaction processing solutions partners with the leading SD-WAN hardware manufacturer.  

Fortinet has been cited by Gartner as the highest rated Challenger in its ability to execute, and its completeness of vision, in SD-WAN. 

TNS accepts, connects and securely processes transactions for businesses across the globe. Its managed service for end-to-end payment solutions transports more than a billion payments a day. 


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