Message Conversion

A flexible, cost-effective message translation service for acquirers, processors, ISOs, and merchants.  TNS’ Message Conversion provides an alternative to host system development for the acceptance of new payment message types.

Key Benefits

Simplifies host processing

By utilizing TNS’ message conversion service a single standardized host processing interface can be used leading to lower hardware, software and support costs.

Host consolidation

Simplifies consolidation of multiple processing hosts and data centers, reducing infrastructure costs and complexity.

Easier adoption of new message formats

Combining TNS’ global network reach and unique conversion technology means faster and lower cost of entry into new markets.


Our PCI DSS certified backbone network handles billions of payments transactions from around world.


TNS’ proprietary, resilient network provides end to end visibility and monitoring, all the way through the acquirer or processor, providing maximum uptime and availability.

Message Conversion Information Sheet

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