TNS Powered CCA LTE Roaming Hub Grows to Over 65 Million Subscribers

TNS Powered CCA LTE Roaming Hub Grows to Over 65 Million Subscribers

August 15th, 2017

The CCA LTE Roaming Hub (Hub), powered by Transaction Network Services (TNS), has reached a major milestone, now covering over 65 million subscribers across 25 countries.

Since its launch four years ago, the Hub has grown to include an extensive range of operator members of different sizes and now covers the US, Mexico, Caribbean, Russia, Belgium, Taiwan, Armenia, Iceland and Bolivia, among others.

Joe Lueckenhoff, Executive Vice President and General Manager of TNS’ Telecommunication Services Division, said: “We’re delighted to be celebrating this achievement. Our LTE Roaming Hub has been designed to improve the subscriber roaming experience both domestically and internationally, and is becoming widely recognized as one of the leading roaming solutions available.

“With over two decades of experience, TNS has a unique insight into the challenges faced by wireless carriers and we have designed our solutions with these at the forefront of our minds. For example, we can offer Hub Break Out by optimizing and routing bearer traffic to and from the internet without costly and complex bilateral Local Break Out implementations.”

The CCA LTE Roaming Hub provides wireless carriers with a large, seamless footprint via just one contact, helping to simplify an operator’s roaming strategy and minimize operational costs. It supports efficient VoLTE and enables roaming to and from 4G LTE without circuit-switched fall back to 3G and the associated quality of service impacts.

Steven K. Berry, President and CEO of CCA, said: “I am delighted the CCA LTE Roaming Hub, powered by TNS, continues to grow and provide competitive carriers with a highly effective way of providing LTE-quality outbound roaming services to their subscribers. Just as important, members of the Hub can also receive inbound roaming revenues, giving them a strategic opportunity to effectively compete with the largest carriers.

“As LTE and next generation solutions grow in popularity among subscribers, it’s essential that the wireless carrier community has access to the technology necessary to ensure they can remain competitive. We’re delighted that the CCA LTE Roaming Hub has reached this milestone, and we look forward to continuing to work with TNS for many years to come.”

From small rural operators in the US to the largest multi-national carriers, TNS has over 500 operator customers and addresses the full needs of wireless and wireline operators in the US and globally. TNS’ networks have been specifically designed and configured for the transmission of transaction-related time sensitive data and support a variety of widely accepted communications protocols.


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