TNS Introduces Caller ID Spoofing Protection

TNS Introduces Caller ID Spoofing Protection

February 7th, 2017

TNS Offers a Critical Component in the Layered Approach to Robocall Detection and Prevention

Transaction Network Services (TNS) has made a substantial breakthrough in the war on robocallers with the launch of TNS Call Guardian. Service providers now have a solution for both wireless and wireline that provides trusted analytics to detect Caller ID spoofers and other types of problem robocallers.

TNS, a leading global provider of data communications and interoperability solutions for the payments, telecom and financial markets industries, is working with leading operators to integrate its algorithm-based call analysis into their call flows. TNS provides the analytics server that service providers will need in the long term to complement other industry initiatives.

Joe Lueckenhoff, Executive Vice President and General Manager of TNS’ Telecommunication Services Division, said: “TNS is an advocate for a robust, layered solution to address robocalls, and a strong telephone number reputation database like TNS Call Guardian is an important first step.

“We stand ready to support STIR’s ability to authenticate and verify domestic SIP-to-SIP calls, but also understand that, as ATIS and the IETF have shared, a layered approach to addressing the problem of robocalls will be required in the long term. The industry is aware that a real-time data analytics layer will also be needed, and TNS is uniquely positioned to provide this service based on the solution we have in-market today.”

TNS’ position as a signaling and routing hub within the PSTN permits insights gleaned from more than 25 billion monthly call events from over 400 operators across 500 million telephone numbers. TNS’ expertise and experience delivering signaling interoperability and call routing solutions also ensures that TNS Call Guardian is not limited to domestic SIP-to-SIP calls, but makes its data available to legacy networks, VoIP, wireless, and via API. The service implementation is flexible, permitting operators a range of choices in response to the severity of the type of robocall, and is already deployed in major wireless carrier networks.

Mr Lueckenhoff continued: “Carriers can respond to customer concerns by protecting their subscribers now, with a cost effective solution that provides a reputation for inbound calls which should address a majority of the robocall issues. TNS Call Guardian is accessible via multiple protocols and leverages our carrier grade resolution systems making it immensely scalable and giving carriers the flexibility to implement as they see fit.”

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