The Trusted Cloud-Native Payments Solution

Leading enterprise retailers, acquirers and banks trust TNS to process billions of transactions in more than 50 countries.


TNS Payments Orchestrate Diagram


Payment Orchestration Platform

One Single Integration Point and Platform

Access End-to-End Optimization

Simply select the payment features and functionality you need and connect to all global payment methods, acquirers, banks and processors.

Whatever your business or industry, TNS offers a payment processing solution designed for you, while our omnichannel payment platform connects to over 250+ partners in the payment ecosystem.

Access 24x7x365 monitoring and support with local expertise in your country and city of business, simplified billing with one monthly invoice, and end-to-end optimization for a seamless experience.


Complete Payment Platform

Choose the best transaction processing configuration for your in-store or online business needs.

  • A unified API streamlines your payments
  • Achieve global scale through a single cloud-based payments platform
  • Accept any payment type from traditional payments to alternative payments
  • Connect into any acquirer or processor

Real-Time, Secure and Reliable

Select the security level to fit your risk profile and infrastructure set.

  • PCI-P2PE, PCI PIN, tokenization and 3DS 2.0
  • Manage risk with intelligent payment orchestration
  • Fraud detection, transaction reporting and real-time control

100% Acquirer Agnostic

Manage your business with more connection and flexibility.

  • Maximize integration with multiple acquirers
  • Leverage smart routing, maximize conversions and minimize costs
  • Reconcile your transactions across multiple acquirers and PSPs through a single API layer
  • Direct connections to the entire payments ecosystem, removing the need for multiple partners

Integrated Payment Platform

TNSPay Gateway

Reliable and Secure Processing

Accept payments in-store, online and around the world

Enable payment processing easily, reliably and securely across your business. Connect to various payment methods, acquirers and payment providers and act as a centralized hub, with smart routing for optimized transactions.

TNS’ payment platform can integrate with eCommerce partners, POS systems and other business applications as well as offers additional services like fraud and risk management tools, 3D-Secure, tokenization, point to point encryption (P2PE), and reporting tools.

Accpet Alternative Payment Methods Image

Accept Alternative Payment

Virtually Any Method of Payment

Enables merchants to accept alternative payments including Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, WeChat, AliPay and Buy Now Pay Later at the POS checkout.

Acquiring and Processor Integrations Image

Acquiring and Processor Integrations

Reduce Your Processing Costs

Provides integration to acquirers, processors and PSP partners agnostically to help generate high authorization rates and reduce processing costs.

Smart Routing Image

Smart Routing

Flexibility to Customer Preferences

The platform intelligently routes transactions to the most appropriate payment method or acquirer based on factors like cost, reliability, and customer preferences.

Merchant Dashboard and Portal Image

Merchant Dashboard and Portal

Receive Analytics and Insights

Offers self-service reporting and analytics functionalities to gain insights into payment performance, transaction trends, and customer behavior.

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We are your payments and network specialist. With a portfolio of industry leading services, TNS has the experience and expertise to meet the evolving demands of your business.

Payment Encryption Solution

TNSPay Protect

Safeguard Your Customers’ Data

Protect sensitive cardholder data through the entire payment process with a comprehensive, industry-leading payment encryption solution. We offer point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and end-to-end encryption (E2EE), so you can choose the solution that’s the best fit for you.


Case study

Mitigating Breaches for One Large US Fuel Retailer

Return on Investment Opportunities

A large fuel and convenience retailer, with approximately 7,000 stores across the US, turned to TNS to:

  • Improve protection against data breaches
  • Increase revenue and brand value
  • Reduce Payment Card Industry (PCI) scope
Migigating breaches for one large US fuel retailer image

Manage Payment Requirements

Transaction Processing Services

Reducing Complexity at Every Stage

Financial Institutions can reduce complexity and improve their ability to manage unique payment requirements. This includes device driving and switching, card scheme access, message and protocol conversion, hosting, and file settlement.

Device Driving and Switching Image

Device Driving and Switching

Remove the complexity of device and switch management with TNS managing your POS and ATM terminal estates applications and front-end aggregation.

Card Scheme Access Image

Card Scheme Access

Access all major global card schemes, for authorization, settlement, clearing, reconciliation and post transaction support through a single API.

Protocol and Message Conversion Image

File Settlement Service

Reduce the cost and complexity of payment file submission by stitching to the TNS File Settlement service. With connections into global banks, you’re free from the increasing cost, timescale and security challenges of payment file delivery.

Payment Application Managed Service Image

Payment Application Service

Deliver full-range functionality of a secure and resilient payment application without the complexity and PCI scope of in-house hosting and management.

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