It’s fantastic to be able to introduce organizations to TNS Enterprise Branded Calling for the first time, but using a branded caller ID isn’t a new technology for TNS. In fact, we’ve been branding calls for over 10 years and last year eclipsed one billion branded calls delivered across US wireless carrier networks.

Enterprise Branded Calling is part of the next phase in our mission to restore trust to voice calling and we’re thrilled to have already been recognized in three industry awards in 2023. Businesses have for too long felt the frustrations caused by consumers reluctancy to answer the phone and those customers have been seeking out solutions that help better inform them of who’s calling.

Brands in verticals such as healthcare, hospitality and travel, retail, education, financial services and insurance often rely heavily on voice calling to engage with consumers and prospects in a timely and effective fashion. But customers are not answering calls from unknown numbers, in large part due to the 70 billion robocalls Americans received last year.

The solution, TNS Enterprise Branded Calling, was launched in July 2022 as part of TNS Communications Market Identity and Protection suite. It enables legitimate organizations to present critical brand information on an incoming call screen so consumers can engage with the wanted calls and ignore the unwanted ones.

Customers and prospects are much more likely to pick up a branded call and the experience reassures them that the call is legitimate so they’re ready to positively engage with the caller. According to TNS survey data, 70% would never answer a phone call from an unknown number but the same percentage of people (70%) would answer a call if they recognized the brand logo and name on their incoming call screen. Sixty-seven percent said that seeing a brand logo and name on an incoming call increases their trust in the call.

By reaching more customers, call agents can improve their lead generation, productivity and efficiency, which provides more opportunities to increase revenue. But don’t just take our word for it, we have been carrying out pilot trials with enterprises across various verticals (with many going on to deploy Enterprise Branded Calling).

One of those trials was with a corporate advisory firm that works with clients to weather the shifts in financial markets. To gain new business, one of the client’s that operates in account services engages its “warm” leads with personalized calls to build relationships. The firm participated in the study with this client and TNS Enterprise Branded Calling increased its answer rate by 133%.

Pilot trials like this and use cases from organizations who have made the solution an integral part of their omnichannel customer experience program have supported Enterprise Branded Calling in receiving industry recognition from several awards so far in 2023.

TNS Enterprise Branded Calling was named the Gold Winner for Best Digital Transformation Project at the Juniper Research Future Digital Awards for Telco Innovation for its ability to restore trust in voice calling. We recently received a 2023 Customer Product of the Year Award from TMC for enabling our clients to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers with Enterprise Branded Calling.

And in the 7th annual FinTech Breakthrough Awards program, the solution won in the Digital Identity Innovation category and was said to have “stood out in the market by helping to improve the customer experience and drive increased revenue to boost the bottom line”.

To learn more about how TNS can help improve your answer rates and customer engagement with its award-winning solution, visit TNS Enterprise Branded Calling.

Jim Tyrrell is Vice President of Enterprise Product Management at TNS with specific responsibility for TNS’ Communications Market solutions.

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