2023 has proved to be a pivotal year for TNS Enterprise Branded Calling.

The branded caller ID solution plays a leading role in the company’s fight against unwanted and illegal robocalls and its mission to restore trust in voice calling. Deployment has continued at a rapid rate with TNS now handling tens of millions branded calls every month across several high-touch markets including healthcare, travel, retail, education, financial services and insurance – which all rely on voice calling to reach and engage with their customers.

TNS Enterprise Branded Calling has earned accolades for its ability to help improve call answer rates and restore trust in voice calling. Since the start of 2023, the company has increased the number of branded calls delivered in key business sectors, won several industry awards and facilitated further industry adoption, cementing its place as a trailblazer within the telecom market.

Three Key Points of Market Differentiation

As the benefits of branded calling become more widely known and proven, organizations will focus on evaluating which solution can best meet their current and future needs. TNS Enterprise Branded Calling has demonstrated several feature/functionality advantages such as:

  • Tight integration. TNS is tightly integrated into both the carrier network and with the OEMs, providing a better overall experience to more subscribers.
  • Large mobile subscriber footprint. Some branded calling market solutions require an app to deliver incoming call brand logos on the display screen of certain devices, and some even require implementation on not only the subscriber device, but by the enterprise as well – implementation barriers that restrict the total addressable footprint. TNS Enterprise Branded Calling comes pre-loaded on mobile devices with some carriers and covers a footprint of tens of millions of subscribers.
  • Proven vetting process. For branded calling to restore trust in voice calls, consumers must trust the brand logo and name that appears on the incoming call screen. With TNS, only authenticated calls have enhanced call data that serves as validation.

Award Recognition

In recent months, TNS observed tangible results from Enterprise Branded Calling in recent pilot trials for businesses within the financial, healthcare and non-profit industries.

One of those trials was with a nationwide healthcare provider that makes house calls to assess patients’ needs to limit the number of unnecessary hospital admissions. TNS Enterprise Branded Calling increased that company’s customer engagement rate by 41%.

Success stories like this one have made TNS Enterprise Branded Calling an award-winning solution. Thus far in 2023, TNS Enterprise Branded Calling has been named Gold Winner for Best Digital Transformation Project at the Juniper Research Future Digital Awards for Telco Innovation due to its ability to restore trust in voice calling; the 2023 Customer Product of the Year Award from TMC for enabling our clients to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers with Enterprise Branded Calling; and the Digital Identity Innovation category at the 7th annual FinTech Breakthrough Awards program for improving the customer experience.

Who are the Early Adopters?

Since December 2022, enterprise demand for branded calling has exploded.

In the healthcare industry, where hospitals, pharmacies and doctors’ offices are constantly trying to reach patients, TNS delivered a 358% increase in branded calls.

Furthermore, as travel demand continues to grow, airlines, hotels and car rental companies have sought out branded calling solutions to improve their customers’ experiences. Since the start of 2023, TNS has delivered a 967% increase in branded calls for the travel industry.

And for higher education institutions who often call their alumni to provide updates on the latest happenings on campus, sell tickets to sporting events and drive fundraising efforts, TNS delivered a 226% increase in branded calls on behalf of colleges and universities.

The dramatic rise in the number of branded calls delivered by industry underscores that organizations are beginning to understand the value Enterprise Branded Calling brings. By improving customer engagement rates, Enterprise Branded Calling can help call agents become more productive and efficient while also helping to improve lead generation, all of which drives more revenue for brands.

This interest in branded calling has extended to the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI) who recently authored a Concept Paper with TNS on the subject. You can hear about their thoughts on the future of branded calling by watching our on-demand webinar here.

TNS Commonwealth Cyber Initiative Concept Paper 2023

To learn more about how TNS is pushing the telecom industry forward with branded calls, visit TNS Enterprise Branded Calling.

Jim Tyrrell is Vice President of Enterprise Product Management at TNS with specific responsibility for TNS’ Communications Market solutions.

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