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  1. What was the business challenge for this healthcare organization?

A nationwide healthcare provider’s business model relies on making calls to patients to better understand their care needs to mitigate the risk of serious diseases and injuries plus unnecessary hospital admissions. To say unanswered calls have been a hindrance to their customer base would be an understatement.

  1. How did TNS Enterprise Branded Calling help?

TNS Enterprise Branded Calling delivers the trusted call content on an incoming call screen needed to motivate healthcare consumers to answer the phone. With Enterprise Branded Calling, this healthcare organization can improve its bottom line by expediting the patient communication process and improving call agent productivity.

  1. What was the outcome following the Enterprise Branded Calling pilot?

To explore the potential benefits for this healthcare organization, TNS conducted an extensive trial of wireless phone users. The objective was to determine the real-world impact healthcare branded calls would have on answer rates and the results were staggering. TNS Enterprise Branded Calling increased the customer engagement rate (answer rate) by 41% and the pilot has now converted to a live service.


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