Businesses have always sought better ways to reach and engage their customers. Fostering a loyal relationship between brands and their clientele requires a level of trust. But for organizations that rely heavily on voice communications to reach their customers – particularly “high touch” industries such as financial services, healthcare, hospitality and retail – robocalls have been a stubborn challenge, dramatically depleting trust in voice calls.

Consumers have made it clear that they want more caller information and context from brands on incoming calls. But not all solutions are created equal, and organizations should seek branded calling providers with a proven track record of success and the subscriber reach, like TNS, that help businesses reach more customers and strengthen their bottom line.

Improving the Consumer Experience Drives Profits for Businesses

According to TNS’ recent survey* of US wireless phone subscribers, 78% of survey respondents are more willing to answer the phone if the caller ID displays the logo and name of a brand they recognize. Why? Customers are more trusting of a call that displays brand information, thus more willing to answer. The same survey indicated that 79% of respondents wanted their carrier to provide more call information (brand name, logo, call intent) so that they do not miss legitimate calls like from schools, health organizations and other services.

The potential impact of branded calling isn’t contained to one industry, however. Additional data from this survey shows that branded calls engage customers at an improved rate in several vertical markets:

  • 79% of consumers would answer a branded call from their healthcare provider if the brand logo/name was displayed on the incoming call screen
  • 76% of consumers would answer a branded call from their bank if the brand logo/name was displayed on the incoming call screen
  • 60% of consumers would answer a branded call from a hospitality/travel provider if the brand logo/name was displayed on the incoming call screen

Consumer enthusiasm for branded calling capabilities stems from the increased transparency offered by content-rich call screens. When customers have a greater understanding of what brand is calling them, it prompts a more honest consumer: 65% of customers are more willing to share personal information if the incoming call is branded with a logo/name according to this same survey.

Having the technology to elicit this type of engagement from consumers is a solution worth investing in, yet TNS Enterprise Branded Calling offers other benefits that can help enterprises increase their revenue too.

Enterprise Branded Calling Offers Businesses Better Outcomes  

Companies should seek out branded calling technologies that positively impact their internal processes in addition to improving trust with their customer base. For brands seeking to increase the efficiency of their calling campaigns, staying attuned to how and when consumers want to communicate is paramount: for example, the latest TNS survey data shows consumers are more likely to engage with companies during traditional business hours: 65% of consumers trust calls from brands that come in during normal business hours (9 am-5 pm) more than calls that arrive outside of business hours. Businesses should be mindful of consumers’ preferences as they attempt to make contact.

Unanswered calls have historically been a hindrance to call agents’ lead-generation follow-up efforts, threatening to turn warm leads cold and undermine sales potential. But let’s say, for example, a customer has put in a request on their airline’s website for an upcoming rewards program. That person is more likely to answer the call if the airline’s brand name and logo are located on the call screen rather than just an unrecognized phone number. 

TNS Enterprise Branded Calling can be a vital investment for businesses due to the dual benefits it can have improving organizations’ customer experience and the efficiency of their internal sales processes. To learn more about how TNS Enterprise Branded Calling can positively impact companies’ bottom line, visit TNS Enterprise Branding Calling.

Jim Tyrrell is Vice President of Enterprise Product Management at TNS with specific responsibility for TNS’ Communications Market solutions.

 *Kantar Survey – May 2022