Many businesses are searching for innovative ways to reach their audience on the phone and re-establish trust over that channel, with consumer call responsiveness lacking due to an overwhelming volume of unwanted robocalls. Even businesses that have established meaningful customer connections still face barriers to connecting over the phone, as consumers have grown wary of answering and engaging with calls from unknown numbers due to the barrage of robocalls. 

Caller ID has been available for years, typically through the ability to display calling name and number on the incoming call screen for wireline subscribers, but, not for wireless subscribers. TNS Enterprise Branded Calling represents a significant evolution of the technology, enabling businesses to present critical call information on outgoing calls so wireless consumers can make more informed decisions and be more likely to engage.  

I’ve selected three of the ways TNS Enterprise Branded Calling and TNS Enterprise Authentication can help businesses cut through the robocall noise and establish a competitive advantage:

  1. Become an Early Adopter of Cutting-Edge Technology

By implementing Enterprise Branded Calling, companies in ‘high-touch’ sectors like finance and healthcare can harness analytics to help improve call answer rates and establish deeper customer engagement via the voice channel. Insights from those analytics can also contribute to better call durations and enhanced conversion rates, helping to drive revenue growth. Traditional solutions can track agent staffing, but Enterprise Branded Calling provides insights that help to address issues like repeat calls caused by low answer rates. Unaddressed, these issues can negatively impact a company’s bottom line.   

  1. Optimized Call Durations Enhance Call Agent Successes 

Beyond the improvements from analytics, another competitive advantage branded caller ID solutions provide is helping to enhance operational efficiency. By reducing the time spent on call verification, using Enterprise Branded Calling with Enterprise Authentication allows call agents to dive into the purpose of the call and quickly engage customers, which can lead to optimized call durations. When customers are ready to engage with the voice channel, rather than meet it with skepticism, agents are more likely to be successful in converting sales or improving outcomes of the call.  

By engaging the customer quickly, Enterprise Branded Calling offers businesses the opportunity for more meaningful interactions with customers and higher conversion rates, giving the enterprise the potential for a significant advantage in both customer experience and profitability. 

  1. Drive Conversion for Better Business Outcomes

The value of Enterprise Branded Calling is evident by helping to boost conversion rates for organizations across ‘high-touch’ industries. A corporate advisory firm wanted to assess how branded calls could improve its clients’ lead generation. By reducing the number of unanswered calls, Enterprise Branded Calling boosted the number of successful calls the team could make each day, ultimately increasing the customer engagement rate by 133%. Additionally, a nationwide healthcare provider whose patient care model relies on proactive calling recorded a notable 41% boost in customer engagement. Examples like these make it clear that branded calls can help to build trust with customers across industries. 

Enterprise Branded Calling can boost businesses’ customer engagement rates and restore trust in the voice channel by providing that critical identifying information that establishes a trusted connection between companies and consumers. 

While some branded calling market solutions require an app to deliver brand logos on the incoming call screen of certain devices, Enterprise Branded Calling is network integrated with the leading carriers and covers a footprint of tens of millions of subscribers. Our solution is available without an app download, on 300m+ Android and iOS devices across the Verizon Wireless, AT&T and T-Mobile networks.  

TNS Enterprise Branded Calling is more than just a defense against the robocall bombardment – it’s a proactive move to reestablish customer trust in the voice channel. That distinction could be the difference between an ignored call and a connection made. With every call showcasing their brand’s identity, businesses taking advantage of Enterprise Branded Calling are ahead of the curve.

To learn more about how TNS Enterprise Branded Calling can help to deliver a better customer experience to achieve higher conversion rates than industry competitors, visit the Enterprise Branded Calling page on our website which now includes a new ROI calculator.  

Jim Tyrrell is Vice President of Enterprise Product Management at TNS with specific responsibility for TNS’ Communications Market solutions. 

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