Branded caller ID solutions such as the award-winning TNS Enterprise Branded Calling allow legitimate businesses to deliver critical brand information on incoming call screens. This solution, along with TNS Enterprise Authentication and TNS Spoof Protection technology, ensures customers and prospects are more willing to engage because they are knowledgeable about who’s calling and can worry less about bad actors targeting them with robocall scams.

Why is this solution needed?

Subscribers are simply not answering calls from unknown numbers, in large part due to the billions of unwanted robocalls Americans receive every year. As a result, businesses in verticals that rely heavily on voice calling for high-trust communications are challenged to engage with customers and prospects in a timely and effective fashion. In response to the challenge, these organizations have sought solutions to improve call answer rates, conversion rates and call durations, all while gaining a competitive advantage. Enter TNS Enterprise Branded Calling.

How can Enterprise Branded Calling help?

Enterprise Branded Calling can help facilitate an improved lead-generation process by helping businesses convert qualified leads that originate through other channels such as the web, email and social media. With critical brand information on the incoming call screen, the consumer may connect the call to earlier touch points and be more likely to engage. This helps enable call agents to improve customer conversion rates, experience better call durations, gain an advantage over competitors who have not yet deployed the technology, and as such, can improve their bottom line.

What are some of the feature/functionality advantages with Enterprise Branded Calling?

Enterprise Branded Calling is available without an App download, on 300m+ Android and iOS devices across the Verizon Wireless,  AT&T and T-Mobile networks. Some branded calling market solutions require an app to deliver incoming call brand logos on the display screen of certain devices, and some even require implementation on not only the subscriber device, but by the enterprise as well – implementation barriers that restrict the total addressable footprint. Enterprise Branded Calling comes pre-loaded on mobile devices with some carriers and covers a footprint of tens of millions of subscribers. In addition, TNS was the first to natively integrate with iOS 14 on Silence Junk Callers, giving us the ability to natively integrate on delivering logos on iOS 17 devices.

Who is using this technology?

Any legitimate business who relies on voice calling to engage with customers and prospects can use this technology, including healthcare, financial services, hospitality and retail enterprises. Since launch in 2022, organizations in the above customer-centric industries have deployed Enterprise Branded Calling and tracked the tangible impact on ROI when it comes to customer engagement rates. For example, in healthcare, the call answer rate increased by 41%, while financial services experienced a 133% answer rate bump.

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Jim Tyrrell is Vice President of Enterprise Product Management at TNS with specific responsibility for TNS’ Communications Market solutions.

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