VoLTE Registry

VoLTE Registry makes available a shared registry into which carriers provision the phone numbers of their VoLTE enabled devices, as well as routing information for reaching those devices, over an IMS infrastructure. This information is then shared between operators in a controlled manner allowing discovery of and routing to the VoLTE enabled handsets.

Key Benefits


TNS VoLTE Registry is built on top of the robust and highly scalable TNS Carrier ENUM. With an integrated number portability solution and shared ENUM database, TNS’ VoLTE registry can function both as a local ENUM for carriers to route within their own network, as well as a country level ENUM to route to other carriers’ networks.


TNS VoLTE Registry reduces the response time for a query by consolidating VoLTE routing information for the operator’s own VoLTE subscribers, Number Portability information and Numbering Plan information instead of querying Carrier ENUM (tier 2), country-level ENUM (tier 1) and route level ENUM (tier 0).


TNS VoLTE Registry allows inter-carrier VoLTE routing between its customers by sharing routing information in a controlled manner. Customers can choose which information can be shared with their peers.


TNS VoLTE Registry was built with a lot of flexibility in mind as it supports various NAPTR responses to queries, and can be provisioned to give different NAPTR response for different querying nodes.

Deployment options

TNS VoLTE Registry can be accessed either through the Central Replica at TNS data centers or by deploying a TNS VoLTE Registry instance at the customer’s data center.

VoLTE Registry Information Sheet

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