NRTRDE is mandatory for GSM roaming as defined by the GSM Association. TNS’ NRTRDE enables GSM operator partners to exchange TD.35 roaming records in near real-time, reducing the risk for fraudulent roaming liability. TNS NRTRDE is fully compliant to BA.20 and TD.35 GSMA Standards.

As an NRTRDE Agent, TNS’ NRTRDE platform sends and receives TD.35 records on behalf of the home operator. TNS NRTRDE converts mediated or other record formats to TD.35 and sends the NRTRDE records to the operator or operator’s NRTRDE agent within the 4-hour timescale as defined by GSMA Standards. Unlike our competitor’s NRTRDE solutions, TNS NRTRDE does not use the TAP records from the data clearing house to create TD.35 files due to TAP records’ 30-day timescale. Using real-time CDRs instead of TAP eliminates exposure to fraud liability and revenue loss due to fraud.

TNS NRTRDE is built on a highly reliable, fully redundant system with high-performance processing times. 

TNS are winners of the Champion from Kaleido Intelligence for Steering of Roaming and Data & Financial Clearing.

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