Enhanced Caller ID

Enhanced Caller ID is an industry-leading solution that leverages a mobile operator’s key asset, the network, to empower identity and facilitate trust in personal and business mobile communications. Enhanced Caller ID identifies over 2 billion calls or texts per month on over 200 million devices across over 500 makes and models as a partner to Tier 1 US mobile operators.

Key Features

Name ID

79% of wanted calls go unanswered because users do not have caller identification. The service lets the user know who is calling them, so they can answer important calls rather than sending them to voicemail. Caller ID is provided even if the caller is not in the subscriber’s contact list. 

Text ID

In a world where messaging is taking the lead in personal communication, it’s important to provide users a service that identifies messages from people or businesses that are not in their contacts.

Spam ID

On average, users get 8 unwanted calls per week with many of them from malicious or potentially harmful callers. The service leverages the best in class TNS Call Guardian product which provides real-time reputation scores that empower the consumer to make an informed choice whether to answer calls or detects potential “spoofing” problems as they occur. The algorithm behind the TNS Enhanced Caller ID service uses a layered approach to identifying bad actors by utilizing a very large reputation insight database (>1B Telephone Numbers) yielding a high level of accuracy, including the ability to detect neighbor spoofing.

Spam ID w/ Spam Filters

This service allows consumers to take back control from unwanted and malicious callers by automatically filtering their calls which prevents their devices from ringing when a caller matches their personal filtering setting.

Business ID

80% of Consumers find having name and logo of the calling business very helpful and 70% are likely to answer such calls. The service provides relevant context to incoming calls creating lasting interactive experiences with a trusted and contextually relevant engagement triggered by an interaction with your business.

Spam ID w/Call Authentication

The industry is working hard to protect Consumers from spoofers who hijack a number and pretend to be the calling party in hopes to solicit personal information. The service leverages the latest capabilities of TNS Call Guardian product which includes standards compliant STIR/SHAKEN capabilities.

Consumer first service

TNS Enhanced Caller ID is a consumer first service, ensuring that consumers are presented with cutting edge user experiences, clarity on the incoming call screens to take action or not, controls in place allowing them to make their own decisions and ability to provide and view crowd-sourced feedback which is used to supplement the TNS Call Guardian product.

Carrier focused tools and insights

As a strategic technology and business partner to Carriers, the TNS Enhanced Caller ID service provides tools, reports and insights on what’s happening to your consumers and on your network. 

Crowd-sourced feedback

Crowd-sourced feedback is used to supplement the analytics.

Key Benefits

Improve customer experience

Deliver the best experience for your subscriber regardless of terminating device.

Protect subscriber privacy

Protect the privacy of your subscribers because the app does not need access to the subscriber’s contacts.

Reduce calls into customer care

Provide your subscribers with calling name and reputation of incoming calls and reduce the calls into your care organization to report spam.

Reduce customer churn

Decrease the chance of your subscribers falling prey to scams and fraud.

Create trust

Create trusted experiences between enterprises and subscribers.

Increase net promoter score

Provide your subscribers with the tools to personalize their experience and combat unwanted calls.

TNS Robocall Report March 2020

The 2020 Robocall Investigation Report by TNS includes a vast amount of factual evidence derived from real network traffic over the last