Diameter Signaling

The TNS Diameter Signaling Service provides a single interconnect point to other networks and relieves LTE and IMS endpoints of routing, traffic management and load balancing functions. It eliminates mesh topology, simplifies interoperability and enhances network scalability.

Future focused, relevant today

The TNS Diameter Signaling Service creates a core signaling layer with a single, secure point of interconnect to other networks that provide critical policy and charging controls for mobile broadband networks, including both 3G and 4G. The result is a scalable, robust architecture necessary for delivering in-demand data services and essential to monetizing network assets now and in the future.

Comprehensive network troubleshooting and KPI tools

A suite of network visibility and business intelligence tools provide an end to end view of diameter message traffic traversing the TNS network.


Simple, secure network interconnect

Single point of interconnect provides access control, security and topology hiding.

Centralized routing

Aggregates Diameter messages, provides congestion control and offloads Diameter routing requirements from the nodes.

Congestion management

Supports increasing traffic and service demands while allowing network growth and advancing functionality.

Mediation and interworking

Mediation of Diameter variants, SCTP-TCP interworking, MAP-Diameter interworking and IPv4 interworking, etc.

Policy binding

Safeguards all messages associated with a user’s session are processed by the correct PCRF; supports both static binding and dynamic load sharing across multiple policy decision points.

Carrier grade

This fully managed service combines the reliability of geographic redundancy with round the clock monitoring and support.


Worry-free scalability

Combines topology hiding with efficient and correct handling of diameter signaling, including relay, redirect, proxy and translation.

Eases migration

Centralized protocol mediation allows you to maintain legacy nodes and avoid temporary investment in new functionality and capacity for interworking purposes.

Muliti-vendor flexibility

Mediation of diameter variants provides interoperability between multi-vendor endpoints, giving you the freedom of choice.

Reduce cost and complexity

Routing configurations for new endpoints are performed by TNS in the diameter agent, simplifying expansion and reducing costs associated with provisioning, maintenance and interoperability testing costs.


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