Device Driving and Switching

A vendor agnostic service for customers that require POS and ATM driving. 

This service is for users that do not have a payment application or do not wish to use an acquirer’s service and require either POS, EPOS or ATM driving and the switching of the transaction for authorization to either a PSPs Acquirer, Card Scheme or Card Issuer.  Let TNS act as a front-end aggregator to remove the complexity of managing devices and the switching of the transaction for payment authorization.

Key Benefits

Vendor neutral

TNS’ services are vendor neutral and are already integrated into many POS, EPOS and ATM vendors.

Protocol agnostic

TNS already supports major POS and ATM protocols, such as the following common examples:

  • APACS70
  • ISO8583 and variants
  • CB2A
  • NEXO
  • NDC
  • Triton Message Protocol

Support for additional protocols can be quickly developed using our software development kits.

Transaction profiles

TNS can provide support for the following transaction profiles and the associated transaction types:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Fuel
  • Airline

Speed to market

By using our existing supported protocols, TNS can allow facilitate rapid entry into new markets.


All of TNS’ payment environments are built to be PCI DSS compliant and validated.

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