Managed Hosting


The Ideal Partner

Did you know TNS offers managed hosting, market data and exchange access services for B3 S.A. (Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão), Brazil’s largest stock exchange and the world’s third largest derivatives exchange based in Sao Paulo? This provides reliable trading, clearing and settlement operations across equities, derivatives and commodities through our Layer 1 connectivity.

Managed Hosting

Nasdaq Nordic

Strong Europe Footprint

As a registered data vendor within the Nasdaq Nordic exchange, TNS can deliver managed hosting services and exchange access via Layer 1 connectivity to its customers at a lower overall cost compared to a DIY approach, enabling trading firms to focus on their core business. Find out how this strengthens our European exchange connectivity and managed hosting capabilities below.

Market Data

Canadian Exchanges

A Significant Milestone

All brokers, analysts, traders and investors which are part of the TNS worldwide financial community can access Canadian markets leveraging our trading infrastructure. Learn in the press release how this connects millions of financial buyers and sellers and brings them up to speed on the world’s first globally deployed, highly reliable and fast commercial backbone.

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Coinbase Derivatives Exchange

Cloud Deployment

Learn why TNS has deployed a cloud-based financial trading infrastructure solution for the Coinbase Derivatives Exchange, supporting a significant enhancement to the regulated futures exchange. The TNS Dedicated Server offering was developed to deliver low latency trading execution, improve storage capabilities, and process the large data sets.

Managed Hosting

London Stock Exchange Group

Seamless Relocation

Having secured significant infrastructure capacity and added the new site to its expansive portfolio of Layer 1 accessible markets, find out how TNS actively migrated client’s trading and market data systems from the existing Primary Data Center located in the City of London to the new London Stock Exchange Group Data Center near the Docklands.

Market Data

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Lower Overall Costs

Find out below how TNS can deliver Tel Aviv Stock Exchange market data globally via a high availability backbone with minimal network latency. This offering provides access to approved recipients and delivers lower overall costs compared to a DIY approach, thanks to our mutualized exchange connections and status as a registered data vendor.

Market Data

Johannesburg Stock Exchange

High Availability Backbone

As a vendor of record for South Africa’s principal stock exchange, TNS offers Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) market data and order entry access to key equities and derivatives markets in Europe and the US. Combining JSE colocation with TNS’ low latency network enables our clients to directly access this equities and derivatives market.

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Managed Services

Bank and Financial Services Firm

Savings of 1.25M Annually

Find out how an independent investment bank and financial services firm was able to achieve cost savings of 1.25M annually for operational resources by working with West Highland, a TNS Company. Communication protocols created a proper operational environment, recurring incidents were reduced and, in some cases, eliminated and up time was maintained at 99.99%.

Efficiency for an Electronic Trading Platform_V3Image_Use Case-min
Enterprise Optimization

An Electronic Trading Platform

Better Use of Strategic Vendors

West Highland, a TNS Company was tasked with reviewing an electronic trading platform’s market data plant design, deliver and dependent components. Read the case study to find out the success achieved following a best practices’ review and the creation of an RFI/RFP, managed process end to end along with recommendations for vendor selection.

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