TNS enabling firms to co-locate and directly access the London Stock Exchange Group

Transaction Network Services (TNS) is actively migrating client’s trading and market data systems from the existing Primary Data Center located in the City of London to the new London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) Data Center near the Docklands, London.

Having secured significant infrastructure capacity in the new data center and added the new site to its expansive portfolio of Layer 1 accessible markets, TNS has been successfully relocating multiple clients. TNS is leveraging its Layer 1 switching solution to deliver ultra-low latency mutualized market access and network connectivity. The new LSEG Data Center is fully integrated onto TNS’ leading global network.

“Relocating to the new LSEG facility with TNS has been seamless for our clients,” said Jeff Mezger, Vice President of Product Management for TNS’ Financial Markets business. “We have already deployed the equipment, as opposed to those employing a DIY approach with a kit wait-time of up to a year, due to current global supply chain issues. We are providing a full suite of low latency services, including order routing and market data access. In addition to procuring, installing and management of trading infrastructure, we are helping our clients save crucial nanoseconds in the race to execute trades.”

Working with TNS is extremely cost effective, as those responsible for electronic trading can rely on TNS to research, acquire and maintain their exchange connections, data center space and equipment. TNS ensures differentiated services for a diverse range of market participants, from firms that require a partial rack up to global banks that require multiple contiguous cabinets.

TNS’ Managed Hosting solution delivers rack-optimized cabling and design utilizing the company’s ultra-low latency Layer 1 technology inside the data center. This enables firms to access execution speeds that are 10 times faster than traditional layer 3 architectures. TNS Layer 1 was the first architecture of its kind to be deployed globally and eradicates the need for multiple switches by using a simple, single hop architecture to deliver connectivity in as little as 5 to 85 nanoseconds.

TNS brings together over 2,800 financial community endpoints to address the needs of financial market participants worldwide. Traders that use the company’s diverse range of solutions, including its ultra low latency trading Layer 1, benefit from TNS’ global point-of-presence footprint and extensive existing on-net connections, which include uninterrupted access to more than 60 exchanges with local, physical support around the globe.

The London Stock Exchange Group is home to several capital formation and execution venues including the London Stock Exchange, AIM, Turquoise, CurveGlobal, FXall and Tradeweb, offering customers extensive access to capital markets and liquidity across multiple asset classes.