Bravado Wireless Taps TNS for Short Code Gateway Service

Bravado Wireless Taps TNS for Short Code Gateway Service

March 12th, 2019

Oklahoma-based Bravado Wireless is boosting its network capabilities with full US short code coverage thanks to a new agreement with Transaction Network Services (TNS).

Short codes are five or six digit numbers that are designed for businesses to send text messages to communicate with their customers. Common uses for short codes include sending product information to subscribers, allowing wireless subscribers to participate in text to win contests, and giving nonprofits or charities the opportunity to receive donations via text messages.

TNS’ Common Short Code Gateway Service will allow Bravado Wireless’ subscribers to receive and respond to short codes from their frequently visited businesses, like banks, restaurants and retailers. It will also support short codes for vital two factor authentication with popular social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook.

“We are excited to be making this announcement today, which highlights our commitment to continually enhancing our subscriber experience,” said Nick Martin, Wireless Device Technician at Bravado Wireless. “Adding support for short codes empowers our subscribers to benefit from a growing number of communications which businesses and organizations are now using short codes to facilitate. Vital services, such as doctors and pharmacies, are providing important messages via this format and we want to ensure that our subscribers are not excluded from critical items like appointment reminders and prescription messages.”

The TNS Common Short Code Gateway Service, powered by tyntec, is the latest addition to TNS’ extensive portfolio of messaging solutions, which also includes Intercarrier Messaging for SMS and MMS. TNS’ Intercarrier Messaging for SMS and MMS allows mobile subscribers to send and receive messages between mobile networks regardless of technologies involved or protocols deployed.

Bill Versen, Chief Product Officer at TNS, said: “We are dedicated to providing the latest technology to help Bravado Wireless and other operators deliver a superior subscriber experience. Bravado Wireless is a great example of an operator committed to identifying evolving subscriber needs and adopting enhancements when they become available. As short code use expands to enhance the security protocols of financial institutions, for example, it steps away from just being a quick communication method and becomes a valuable tool to help protect our personal information.”

From small rural operators in the US to the largest multi-national carriers, TNS has over 500 operator customers and comprehensively addresses the needs of wireless and wireline operators globally. TNS’ networks have been specifically designed and configured for the transmission of transaction-related time sensitive data and support a variety of widely accepted communications protocols.

Since its founding in 1990, TNS has grown to provide services in more than 60 countries across the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, and offers 24x7x365 support via its Network Operating Centers in the US, UK and Australia.

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