Robocall Scam Spotlight: Drive for Cash

Robocall Scam Spotlight: Drive for Cash

June 10th, 2019 - Telecom, Identity and Protection

By Jim Tyrrell, Senior Director of Product Marketing

Robocallers pride themselves on being creative and executing new scams on virtually a weekly basis meaning subscribers need to remain vigilant to a myriad of approaches. In this new series of blogs, we will shine the spotlight on some of the more extensive scams that are emerging to help draw attention to the tactics being deployed.

One of the most alarming scams of 2019 so far is Drive for Cash which combines realistic human conversation, the mention of a genuine company and the lure of easy rewards to entrap victims.

These spam calls come from a woman named Ashley who claims to work for Drive for Cash. Ashley’s robotic voice and repeated phrases give away that she is an interactive voice response bot, but she does sound convincingly human. Her calls begin with:

 “I’m with Drive for Cash, a recruiter that’s hiring drivers in your area. You can easily make up to $20 an hour and you’ll get a $500 bonus after your 100th drive. You also get paid daily so you’re not waiting for a weekly paycheck. I have just a couple of quick questions to see if you qualify.”

 Ashley proceeds to ask me about my vehicle, insurance, and age. She then told me:

“Now the way it works, you’ll have an account set up with Lyft, and you turn it on when you want to work. They’ll notify you when someone would like to get picked up. I already have you prequalified for everything, however it’s not my position to get into the details and setup for Lyft.”

On further investigation it was not surprising to learn from a Lyft customer support employee that they do not reach out to riders or drivers by phone, nor are they associated with anyone claiming to be Drive for Cash. After researching Drive for Cash, there is no company currently operating under this name.

 In the past, Ashley has been an “employment specialist”. She has also claimed to be an “academic advisor”. Just as her current position at “Drive for Cash”, these were just phishing attempts. Beware of robocallers named Ashley and phishing scams disguised as driving job offers, even if a legitimate business such as Lyft if mentioned.

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