Has Your Social Security Number Been ‘Suspended’?

Has Your Social Security Number Been ‘Suspended’?

October 30th, 2019 - Telecom, Identity and Protection

By Lavinia Kennedy, Director of Product Management at TNS

Personal information is of high value to bad actors and scam artists will go to great lengths to trick you into handing it over. Social security scams are extremely common right now.

They typically involve a criminal impersonating the Social Security Agency and warning concerned victims that their social security number has been suspended because of suspicious activity.

In this scenario, the operative reassures the victim that this can be resolved if he or she can simply confirm their information, which would then most likely be misused on fraudulent scams. With social security benefits in jeopardy, many victims panic for fear of losing what could be a vital form of income, clouding their normal good judgement.

Even worse is when criminals recognize a vulnerable victim, such as an elderly person with dementia. In these cases, scammers often elevate their threats and demand the victim pay an immediate fee to reactivate his or her benefits.

To protect against this scam always remember that government employees will not threaten to take away benefits or ask for money or personal information. Never give out personal information if the call seems suspicious and report the call to the SSA’s office of the Inspector General via its online fraud-reporting form.

In addition, consumers can protect themselves by leveraging telecom provider robocall detection solutions powered by TNS Call Guardian

TNS analyzes robocall data from more than one billion daily call events across hundreds of telecom providers. Because of this volume of data, TNS extracts insights on emerging robocaller tactics and trends. While it is difficult to predict what the next major robocall scam will be, we do know this: scammers continue to rapidly evolve their tactics and targets to evade detection efforts. This means consumers must remain vigilant when it comes to suspicious incoming calls, and carriers must continue to commit to deploying innovative solutions to protect their subscribers. 

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