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For each report, TNS draws on robust analytics and data, including more than 1.5 billion daily call events across more than 500 operators and hundreds of carrier networks. Trusted industry wide and utilized by local government agencies, the report serves as a critical tool in the fight against robocalls.   

Our new half year report updates on STIR/SHAKEN implementation by large and small carriers, emerging call authentication challenges, the rise in AI voice scams, and how branded calling solutions are helping restore trust in voice calling. June 30, 2023 marked the third and final FCC-mandated deadline for service providers to implement STIR/SHAKEN, with requirements now extended to all IP-based voice service provider networks. Out report tells the story of a shifting landscape of opportunities and challenges facing carriers and regulators as STIR/SHAKEN matures from the deployment phase to fully operational service.  

What TNS Data is Different

Industry analysis is extremely difficult, and most organizations are only capable of reporting within narrow data silos in what has always been a deeply complex infrastructure of line types, customer profiles and traffic patterns. It’s important to understand why TNS’ data is different, and why decision-makers continue to value and prioritize the findings in TNS’ reports:

  • TNS’ data is more reliable since we see far more traffic.
    • TNS directly supports more than 150 service providers in North America and serves four of the top seven US carriers and two of the top four wireless providers.
  • With nearly 250 million active subscribers, TNS has superior access to the most amount of cross-carrier call events.
    • We have eyes on the bigger picture across a wider breadth of service providers and traffic populations than other providers.
  • TNS has unsurpassed ability to categorize and properly attribute incoming calls.
    • This visibility is the key to differentiating between legitimate robocall activity and scam.
    • Why? Because TNS has vast datasets and visibility to cross-carrier traffic which makes our data more reliable.

The bottom line is that TNS reporting surpasses today’s alternatives because our customers have excelled in identifying and stopping fraudulent calls early, which mitigates unwanted calls reaching carriers’ customers.

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    TNS Excellence in Robocall Protection Analytics

    TNS’ Call Guardian® helps empower your subscribers with the capabilities to make informed decisions. Our infrastructure-as-a-service solutions work flexibly, whether you’re a large carrier using Call Guardian or a more regional carrier using TNS Call Guardian Authentication Hub, you can deploy robocall protection with our Enhanced Caller ID at the level that is right for your network and your subscribers. 

    Robocall Scam of the Month

    Using its industry-leading solutions to analyze and provide mission critical robocall protection data, TNS keeps you informed. Our Scam of the Month page collects the latest robocall scam data from across the US. Visit this page for the latest robocall news, including our highlighted scam, negative calling heatmaps and call scoring. 

    Enterprise Opportunity in Robocall Mitigation

    As robocall protection measures continue to restore trust to voice, enterprises have an opportunity to better connect with customers. Three quarters of Americans don’t answer phone calls from numbers they don’t recognize. But if the call is branded, subscribers are much more likely to answer. Enterprise Branded Calling represents a major opportunity for businesses looking to connect.  

    In the past year, TNS expanded enterprise registration, vetting and call authentication by strategically partnering with First Orion, Hiya and Neustar to cover all major North American carriers; this includes more than 285 million mobile devices and 90 million landlines. These improvements, combined with our Enterprise Branded Calling solution, are restoring trust in voice calling.