Whether you’re an acquirer, processor, or acquiring bank, providing your customers with reliable and secure POS terminals is key. Maximizing uptime and lowering the overall TCO relies on selecting the right SIM solution to power your devices.

Select the wrong SIM, and your customers may encounter connectivity problems or a patchwork of complexities – issues that reflect poorly on your business.

In this post, we’ll discuss why choosing a smart multi-carrier SIM will deliver the highest impact for your business. We also offer a downloadable guide on how to choose the right SIM solution for your POS terminals.

Smart Multi-carrier SIMs boost POS device performance

A traditional SIM card is often configured to connect to one telco’s preferred network. If that network goes down, so can the connection. This could result in service disruptions, missed transactions and, ultimately, damage to your brand reputation.

A smart multi-carrier SIM overcomes the limitations of traditional SIMs, maximizing your terminal’s uptime.

What is a smart multi-carrier SIM?

Unlike traditional telco SIMs, a multi-carrier SIM isn’t tied to a single network. A smart multi-carrier SIM not only connects to the best network available, it will automatically switch networks if it detects a service degradation, which helps provide reliable coverage, and ensure that your customers’ transactions go through.

The ability to switch between multiple networks unshackles your customers’ business from the limitations of a telco SIM. This could improve your devices’ reliability, save your customer money and reduce your support burden.

Download your guide: 5 considerations for selecting the right SIM

The performance of your POS terminals relies on choosing the right SIM solution. And while selecting a smart multi-carrier SIM delivers the largest impact, there are a number of other factors to consider.

Our new eBook covers a wide range of considerations, including a 5-point strategic guide:

  • Smart multi-carrier SIMs boost POS device performance
  • Fully managed, end-to-end solutions reduce complexity
  • Real-time insights aid decision making
  • PCI DSS security is paramount
  • Nationwide coverage offers your customers reliable flexibility

Get your guide and begin evaluating your options for your business’ POS terminals.  You can download the eBook below.

Choose TNS for a full-service multi-carrier SIM solution for POS devices

At TNS Payments, we deploy and manage POS SIMs for the world’s largest processors. We know that almost all connection problems arise in the data channel, where interruptions cause failed transactions and calls to the helpdesk. Our Global Wireless Access (GWA) SIM end-to-end solution constantly monitors connectivity availability. And our smart multi-carrier SIM automatically switches you to the best performing network.

When you work with us, you get:

  • Maximum uptime: When our Smart SIM detects an interruption, the intelligent routing software automatically switches mission-critical transactions to the best-performing network.
  • Operational simplicity: Eliminate the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors. The GWA SIM is delivered as a fully-managed end-to-end service, including SIM ordering, configuration, and distribution.
  • Reduced setup and deployment time. Pre-activated SIMs are plug-and-play, so you can get started, faster. And a ‘no-billing’ period controls your costs without impacting deployment speed.
  • Lower TCO: Replacing complexity with a simple, flexible supply chain slashes the TCO of POS terminals.
  • Real-time performance information. Full visibility of SIM estates – along with comprehensive alerting, monitoring and self-service tools – help your customers make more timely decisions.
  • 24/7/365 support. We monitor your service from four global locations and engage expert technicians to proactively prevent outages. Plus, an always-on help desk.
  • Fully secure. Our PCI DSS certification ensures secure transmission of your transactions to thousands of global end points.


Dave Gibson is Director, Product Management at TNS with specific responsibility for SIM management for our payment’s customers

Download the eBook

In our newest eBook, we guide you through 5 key considerations acquirers and POS distributors should think about when selecting a SIM solution.

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