City figures have warned that London is in danger of becoming a stock market backwater, with large floats now almost certainly heading to rival financial centers such as New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai. There is plenty of money in London to invest in aspiring and innovative companies, but conditions have to be right; the threat of recession and inflation  are unattractive to investors.  

This backdrop in London makes it more important than ever for financial traders to work with TNS for agile, turn-key access to global markets, avoiding the overheads of building and maintaining the underlying components of infrastructure yourself.  

With this model, you no longer need to lease racks in an exchange colocation facility, buy expensive cross connects to the exchange switches for trading access, and invest in a network backbone to supply the vital market data feeds needed to fuel trading. Instead, you are free to lease space and connectivity, tapping into the network wherever you want to trade, be that London, New York or Hong Kong or any other financial center.  

Traders also need reliable connectivity and market data feeds. We specialize in building shared networks and colocation footprints, offering access to market data and trading connectivity on demand. By using these shared infrastructure services, you get the benefits of expertize and technology, at a lower cost of doing it yourself.  

Ultra-low latency is vital for algorithmic trading and trade execution speed is critical to ensure the best market prices are capitalized upon. The best low latency trading strategies depend on powerful servers housed close to exchange matching engines, be these in Europe, the USA or Asia.  

Our ultra-low latency Layer 1 technology, for direct exchange access within the data center, was the first of its kind to be offered and deployed in Europe and remains one of the most advanced solutions in the market. It has also eradicated the need for multiple switches, as TNS designed a single-hop architecture to deliver direct exchange connectivity in as little as 5 to 85 nanoseconds.  

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Jeff Mezger is Vice President of Product Management at TNS with responsibility for its managed services for the financial industry. He oversees product development and strategy for market data, online and data center services.