While the Coronavirus pandemic has posed a challenge for the world’s population, robocallers have still managed to successfully deploy tactics to scam victims out of money and personal information, even using contact tracing, PPE and vaccination messages to deceive. At the same time, the TRACED Act has provided strong guidance for carriers as they continue to evolve their robocall detection and protection measures.

This report reveals the interesting findings of a recent survey conducted in the US, including:

  • Perceptions about robocall levels during the pandemic and their origin
  • Frustration at missing important calls which have been marked as spam
  • How robocalls affect subscribers’ choice of carrier
  • The impact on home wireline phones
  • How subscriber habits are evolving, including the use of robocall apps
  • Attitudes towards robocall accountability and punishment

It also provides insights into how much subscribers would be willing to pay annually to stop all unwanted robocalls.