TNS has recently launched TN Insights, a powerful new addition to its Telephone Number Reputation Monitoring service. This innovative solution offers enterprises data-driven insights into company calling behaviors and metrics, helping your organization to optimize outreach strategies, protect brand reputation, and ultimately improve customer engagement.

So, what else does TN Insights add to the Telephone Number Reputation Monitoring service? Below, we answer that question and more:

Firstly, what is TNS Telephone Number Reputation Monitoring?

Telephone Number Reputation Monitoring helps enterprises to track and enhance their phone number’s reputation score, reducing the risk of being labeled as spam while also receiving alerts for negative classifications.

What makes TN Insights a new and unique offering to this service?

TN Insights adds more in-depth analytics and reporting for Telephone Number Reputation Monitoring enterprise users. The solution provides enterprises with a comprehensive view of their calling operations. This insight will compare your calling practices against industry peers. With innovative features like real-time scoring, crowd-sourced feedback, and advanced benchmarking capabilities, enterprises can identify evolving consumer sentiment.

What challenges can TN Insights solve for enterprises?

TN Insights can empower brands to rebuild customer trust in the voice channel that has been eroded by nuisance and scam robocalls. Enterprises gain actionable intelligence to help improve call answer rates, enhance customer experiences and maintain a positive calling reputation. By integrating the capability to draw intelligence from calling patterns into TNS Enterprise Authentication and Spoof Protection and TNS Enterprise Branded Calling, TN Insights is a critical tool for businesses leveraging voice communication as a reliable and effective customer engagement channel.

What do businesses stand to gain from adopting TN Insights as part of a customer engagement strategy?

By analyzing outbound call data metrics such as calls answered, declined, blocked, and missed, along with contact rate and call duration, TN Insights can offer:

  • Engagement rates with consumers
  • Brand protection through real-time scoring and feedback on potential spoofing
  • Business continuity by ensuring calls reach recipients with accurate reputation scoring.

How can these benefits make a real impact on business operations?

The ability to benchmark calling practices and receive real-time feedback can enable companies to adjust their strategies proactively, leading to robust brand protection and increased operational efficiency. To put it simply, TN Insights helps businesses improve call answer rates and customer engagement by providing an in-depth analysis of call behaviors. The potential benefits of enhanced voice channel outreach? Revenue growth, higher conversion rates and a superior customer experience.

To learn how TN Insights can enhance your organization’s communication strategies, boost customer engagement and deliver a competitive advantage in your industry, visit

Jim Tyrrell is Vice President of Enterprise Product Management at TNS with specific responsibility for TNS’ Communications Market solutions.  

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