Call spoofing and the erosion of trust in voice calling is creating unprecedented challenges for enterprise contact centers and outsourced contact center service providers (CCaaS, CPaaS, etc.) to engage with customers effectively and consistently. A new joint Executive Brief published today by Transaction Network Services (TNS) and Frost & Sullivan explores these enterprise challenges and presents emerging solutions for contact center decision-makers.  

The majority of vendor customer experience (CX) offerings today focus on addressing inbound contact center pain points, overlooking the critical role outbound engagement strategies play in delivering brand security and customer protection while driving superior customer experiences. The report focuses on two core technology components facilitating a successful outbound customer engagement strategy: TNS Enterprise Authentication and Spoof Protection and TNS Enterprise Branded Calling. 

“The Frost & Sullivan Executive Brief is a critical resource for in-house and outsourced enterprise contact center decision-makers seeking to protect customers, improve outbound engagement and blunt the negative impact of robocall scammers and spoofers,” said Denny Randolph, President of TNS Communications Market. “By addressing risks to the customer relationship and brand reputation, enterprises can rebuild lost trust and position themselves to successfully modernize the voice channel. The emerging solutions and use cases will be particularly valuable for those in ‘high touch’ industries such as financial services, healthcare, retail and hospitality.”   

TNS Enterprise Authentication and Spoof Protection effectively identifies spoofed calls and ensures only legitimate, authenticated branded calls from an Enterprise Authentication user are delivered to the recipient. The technology helps enterprises protect their customers – and brand reputation – from the threat posed by robocall scammers and spoofers. TNS Enterprise Branded Calling further restores trust to the voice channel by providing rich call information on an incoming screen so consumers can more easily discern which enterprise is calling their mobile device.   

Frost & Sullivan Principal Analyst, Michael DeSalles added, “TNS has designed effective and powerful ways to enable outbound engagement strategies that also drive great experiences and high customer loyalty.” 

The Executive Brief details how the solutions can deliver several key benefits to enterprise contact centers, including:  

  • Protecting enterprise customers from call spoofing 
  • Reducing costs and bolsters agent productivity 
  • Boosting customer and employee satisfaction 
  • Personalizing the service experience 
  • Increasing call answer rates 
  • Improving customer conversion rates and call durations  
  • Preventing voice fraud and protects brand reputation 

The Executive Brief is available for download here. 

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