First Orion, Hiya and Transaction Network Services (TNS) Launch to Streamline the Registration Process for Enterprises and Call Originators

We are excited to announce a new website that streamlines the telephone number registration process for businesses, non-profits, first responders, and any other call originators. The leading analytics companies, who instill trust in the phone call, have collaborated to launch This free portal helps entities register their phone numbers directly with the analytics companies that support the major wireless carriers in the US.

This industry-wide effort streamlines the registration process for legitimate entities by providing a single, unified portal to register with the analytics services who support the major wireless carriers in the US, impacting more than 200M mobile subscribers. First Orion, Hiya and TNS remain committed to stopping the bombardment of spam and fraud calls on the voice network.

How it works

Legitimate call originators can visit and provide their caller information – including phone numbers and call category – and preferred display name. This information is immediately distributed to First Orion, Hiya and TNS who will use the information to support the phone numbers’ reputation with the major US wireless carriers. The website is available for entities to request more information about the upcoming portal now.  A full launch of the site where entities can start registering their phone numbers is planned for early February 2021.

All call originators using will receive notification of receipt of their registration directly from each analytics service provider. First Orion, Hiya and TNS will each verify the submission and separately communicate directly with the call originator from that point forward. This direct line of communication enables convenient, comprehensive registration with each analytics company and hence their respective wireless carrier partners.

First Orion, Hiya, and TNS have independent, robust vetting processes that will ensure the need for redress is minimized for the users of the portal. We strongly encourage all enterprises and call originators to register their telephone numbers at no cost.

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Lavinia Kennedy is Director of Product Management for TNS’ Communications Market business with specific responsibility for TNS’ Identity and Protection product suite, including TNS Call Guardian. She can be contacted via