Exploring the Demand for Branded Caller ID Solutions

Did you know 68% of US adults never answer a phone call from an unknown number?

It can be difficult for many ‘high touch’ businesses, such as financial services, insurance, healthcare, hospitality and retail, to deliver critical updates due to low answer rates and a lack of trust in voice calling.  

Yet, when survey respondents were asked if they would answer a branded call from a company that they have previously given permission to contact them, a huge 82% agreed.  

In response, organizations are deploying branded calling solutions such as TNS Enterprise Branded Calling to increase answer rates, lead generation and productivity and improve the overall experience for end users. 

Part of the TNS Enterprise Branded Calling subscriber survey series; throughout the eBooks you will find key results of independent research from reputable firm KANTAR commissioned by Transaction Network Services (TNS).  

Download the eBook for your industry

ebook for Healthcare

Healthcare Providers

Low answer rates have made it challenging to reach patients and customers but there is a potential solution. In this eBook, gain valuable survey insights into:  

  • The backdrop of health insurance robocall scams 
  • Benefits of using branded caller ID for healthcare providers and health insurers
  • The branded calls patients and customers will answer 
ebook for Financial Services

Financial Services

Banks, lenders, tax advisors and insurance firms often need to deliver critical updates via voice calling. Throughout this eBook, learn more about: 

  • Bad actors using robocall scams for financial gain 
  • Branded calling for financial services, banks and insurance firms  
  • Subscriber demand for branded caller ID solutions 
eBook for Hospitality

Hospitality and Retail

A common pain point for both hospitality and retail companies is an inability to reach consumers in a timely manner. This eBook provides key insights into: 

  • The extent of robocall scams that pose as retailers  
  • Demand for branded calling for hospitality and travel companies 
  • Demand for branded calling for retail and delivery firms  
eBook for General Services

All Industries 

Organizations are deploying branded caller ID to increase answer rates and improve the overall experience for end users. This eBook will provide survey results on:  

  • The impact of robocall scams on trust in voice calling 
  • Subscriber demand for branded calling among ‘high touch’ businesses 
  • The potential for branded caller ID to increase answer rates