Branded calls will help leading financial services company to improve customer engagement and call agent productivity

TNS today announced that Assurance IQ, a direct-to-consumer platform that transforms the insurance buying experience for individuals, has deployed TNS Enterprise Branded Calling to facilitate an improved customer experience. Following TNS deployment, Assurance IQ saw a 25% increase in the likelihood that a customer who received a call will continue to explore financial solutions with Assurance IQ or one of its partners.

Offering a branded caller ID enables businesses that rely on voice calling as a primary communications channel to display their brand on incoming call screens and provide consumers with more transparency on who is calling. For insurance agencies who rely on voice calling such as Assurance IQ, TNS’ solution ensures that calls to potential and existing customers are not flagged as spam, and instead are branded with information that can help build trust.

“TNS’ track record of delivering branded calling is unmatched, and we’re confident our Enterprise Branded Calling solution will help Assurance IQ create more meaningful customer interactions,” said Bill Versen, TNS’ President, Communications Market. “Robocalls have dramatically reduced answer rates, creating a need for analytics-driven solutions that can have a real impact on businesses.”

Consumers were inundated with 79 billion unwanted robocalls last year. These unwanted robocalls undermine consumer trust, creating challenges for businesses like Assurance IQ, which are trying to connect with their customers who have asked to be contacted. According to a recent TNS survey, 75% of people do not answer a call from a number they don’t recognize. Furthermore, that survey also revealed that 57% of consumers would be more willing to share personal information with their financial services provider if the incoming call was branded with the company’s logo and name.

TNS Enterprise Branded Calling will help to support Assurance IQ in the following areas:

  • Better Call Answer and Engagement Rates: When a customer sees a brand on an incoming call screen, they are more likely to answer the phone and stay engaged on the call longer. After adopting some of TNS capabilities, Assurance IQ saw a 25% increase in its “billable transfers” engagement metric, which measures how likely a customer that speaks to an initial representative is to want to be connected with an Assurance IQ insurance agent or one of its partners.
  • An Improved Lead-Generation Process: A breakdown in reaching and engaging with consumers via voice calling can disrupt the sales process. Enterprise Branded Calling helps to rebuild trust in voice calls so that opportunities can be converted into new business.
  • Increased Call Agent Productivity: By reaching customers in fewer attempts, Enterprise Branded Calling helps call center representatives reach more customers throughout the business day.

Nick Howard, SVP of Technology at Assurance IQ, added, “Our mission is to protect and improve the personal and financial health of all consumers. We achieve this by combining our advanced insurance platform with human touch – the latter of which depends on effectively engaging consumers. Assurance IQ only recently deployed TNS Enterprise Branded Calling, and we are already seeing a measurable lift in call engagement rates that has us excited about our work with TNS going forward.”

In the last decade, TNS has delivered more than one billion branded calls across US wireless carrier networks. Click here to learn more about TNS Enterprise Branded Calling.