It is more challenging than ever for enterprises to get in touch with customers or potential new leads over the phone. Robocalls have eroded trust in the voice channel as 68% of consumers refuse to answer calls from an unknown number. 

The traditional cold-calling approach is often met with consumer skepticism and concern. Even when consumers answer these calls, they often start from a place of confusion rather than connection, making it extremely difficult for enterprise agents to progress the conversation to a confirmed conversion. Now, the rise of robocall scammers and spoofers have compounded the challenge, leaving consumers who do answer unknown calls concerned about the legitimacy of the caller and often unwilling to engage. 

Trusted information can empower brands to make the leap from call to conversation, so enterprises need new tools to rise to the modern-day challenge and restore trust in the voice channel. TNS Enterprise Branded Calling is a proven branded caller ID solution that helps to drive high conversion rates by providing critical information on incoming call screens, authenticating calls through TNS Enterprise Authentication and improving strategic decisions through analytics.   

The Branded Calling Advantage  

Branded calls bring trust to the forefront, establishing familiarity and a brand connection before agents speak with customers. By displaying a brand’s name and logo on a potential customer’s phone screen, respondents will start calls with your brand – and brand trust – in mind. This can cut down the time spent verifying call legitimacy and allows agents to deliver their most important message earlier in the conversation – a powerful contributor to higher conversion rates. 

Higher customer conversion starts when you improve call answer rates. Customers who answer are more willing to engage as they have made the decision to answer the call. This, in turn, can lead to increased conversion rates and improved call durations.  

Verified and Authenticated Calls 

Enterprise Branded Calling can also drive higher conversion rates because it delivers call verification and authenticity through its Enterprise Authentication solution. Now that spoofed calls are increasingly sophisticated, consumers are hesitant of incoming calls regardless of the name on the caller ID.

With Enterprise Authentication, Enterprise Branded Calling safeguards your brand appearing on spoofed calls, helping to enhance security and protecting brand reputation. This level of authentication also reduces the need for extensive post-connection security protocols, streamlining the customer experience. When only verified calls are allowed to reach customers with your branding, trust is often established, helping to improve conversion rates with a direct tie to profitability. 

Better Business Outcomes

The improved outcomes from Enterprise Branded Calling aren’t theoretical; they are proven. One corporate advisory firm using the solution had an account services client that relied on pursuing “warm” leads to build relationships. A study tracking this client’s adoption of Enterprise Branded Calling showed a dramatic 133% increase in customer engagement rates (answer rates). 

While a surge in customer engagement boosts the amount of customers receptive to conversion, another study specifically tracked call outcomes before and after implementation: After adopting Enterprise Branded Calling, Assurance IQ, a direct-to-consumer platform specializing in tailored financial solutions, noted 25% more customers who received a call continued their exploration of financial solutions offered by Assurance IQ or its partners. 

By helping to improve conversion rates, TNS Enterprise Branded Calling can drive better business outcomes for enterprises – including helping to improve profitability, effectiveness and agent efficiency.  

Take the first step by exploring the potential benefits of Enterprise Branded Calling. Calculate how it can make a difference in your profitability with the Enterprise Branded Calling ROI and Hours Saved Calculator:  

Jim Tyrrell is Vice President of Enterprise Product Management at TNS with specific responsibility for TNS’ Communications Market solutions. 

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