TNS Robocall Report September 2019

The 2019 Robocall Investigation Report by TNS includes a vast amount of factual evidence derived from real network traffic over the last three years. The study is unique in that it offers an objective, first-hand view of robocalling, spamming and spoofing across the hundreds of carriers that signal across the TNS signaling and database routing infrastructure.

Inside the report you’ll find information on:

      • Results and Analysis
      • Reputation Category and Scoring
      • Scoring of Calls
      • Origination of Negatively Scored Calls
      • Day of Week
      • Invalid/Unallocated Number Use
      • Crowd-Source Statistics
      • Neighbor Spoofing
      • Canadian Results
      • International Results
      • Regulatory Updates

As well as details on industry solutions to help combat robocalling:

      • Hardware and Software
      • Blacklists and Whitelists
      • Landline Call Blockers
      • Crowd-sourcing
      • Do-Not-Originate
      • Real-time Analytics
      • Enterprise Response to Analytics

The FCC wants the telecoms industry to help put an end to scam robocalls. TNS is here to help. 

TNS Robocall Report September 2019

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